The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 40

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Mu Qingyao was not stupid.


She could see that Mu Qingyi was upset about the family’s decision regarding Xu Xinduo’s status. Moreover, Mu Qingyi knew that she didn’t like Xu Xinduo because of previous events.


Although it looked like the previous incident was caused by Shen Zhuhang and Zhen Longtao, Shen Zhuhang’s bet with Zhen Longtao also affected Mu Qingyi’s impression of her.


So this time, she wanted to leave a better impression on Mu Qingyi and let him know that she cared about her sister. She took her time to call. By this time, Xu Xinduo would have already been done for by the people Zhen Longtao had brought.


After hanging up the phone, Mu Qingyao couldn’t help laughing and returned to the hotel in a good mood.


Lu Renjia seemed to be in a hurry. She pulled Mu Qingyao excitedly and said, “Let me take you somewhere to see a good show.”




“It’s a surprise.”


Mu Qingyao didn’t ask anymore. She knew that Lu Renjia was anxious to see Xu Xinduo cut a sorry scene.




Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu first went to Lou Xu’s house. They put their bags down and then chose two skateboards.


Lou Xu’s house was quite close to Xu Xinduo’s house, but Lou Xu was obviously the little princess of her home. Her room was large and even things like skateboards were kept in separate small rooms.


Xu Xinduo chose the most low-key skateboard while Lou Xu chose the coolest one. After that, the two went to Shiyan Square by car together.


When she arrived at the Shiyan square, she found that it was indeed a gathering place for many young people.


The Shiyan square was big enough.


There was a building decorated by lighting nearby, releasing all kinds of lights at night. There were also many shopping malls and movie theaters not far away. It was really a good place.


After the short video named Fire became popular, many people came here to shoot short videos. They would take photographs of well-dressed people. Sometimes, people were even interviewed by them on the street.


There were also young people practicing skateboarding. The purpose of Lou Xu coming here was this group of boys.


Lou Xu waved at Xu Xinduo after seeing the crowd of skateboarders: “It’s heaven, right?”


Xu Xinduo looked at Lou Xu and said, “I just think you are cuter.”


She saw a boy making a dancing video. After seeing that Lou Xu came in front of Xu Xinduo and then danced: “I can do that too.”


Lou Xu obviously learned hip-hop dance. She did a set of movements very neatly, which was beautiful.


Xu Xinduo immediately applauded and praised, “You danced very well. Did you learn it because of your idol?”


Xu Xinduo also knows that this was a men’s dance.


“No, no one particularly. I like everything that looks good! I don’t have any particular idol. If something looks good, I’m willing to spend money on it!”


“Well… very well. “


Lou Xu walked to the Xu Xinduo’s side and whispered, “I will teach you skateboarding. Don’t go inside the crowd, or you’ll be easily hit.”


“Actually, I know skateboarding.”


“You know?!”


“Sigh, why do you always think I don’t know anything?”


Lou Xu replied while pouting: “Oh, I was wrong.”


Xu Xinduo first tested the hardness of the skateboard. Then she walked around Lou Xu on the skateboard and performed a dolphin flip when she was in front of her.


Lou Xu immediately cheered.
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