The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 41

Edited By Msi & Girondono

After that, Xu Xinduo skateboarded a little further and performed an alpha flip in a less crowded place.


“What are you looking at, little brothers? Look here!” Lou Xu said to the boys.


Xu Xinduo didn’t stop. She stepped on the skateboard and jumped onto the railing.


Lou Xu found that Xu Xinduo could not only use a skateboard but she was also very skilled at it.


At this time, Zhen Longtao and his gang appeared.


Zhen Longtao didn’t want to beat a girl but he was very furious and couldn’t stop himself calling a few girls. These girls from a sports school were more than enough to deal with Xu Xinduo.


As soon as they arrived, they saw Xu Xinduo passing by in front of them with a swish. After a while, they saw her pass by in front of them once again.


Zhen Longtao simply called Xu Xinduo: “Hello, Xu Xinduo.”


The voice was quite loud, attracting Lou Xu’s attention. She noticed the group of girls behind Zhen Longtao and immediately walked over: “Zhen Longtao, what are you doing?!”


“It’s nothing.”


“If you come to find trouble again, then are you not afraid of others laughing at you?!”


“You have already embarrassed yourself. It’s better you go away.”


At this time, Xu Xinduo skateboarded over and stopped in front of Zhen Longtao.


When she stood still, her hair fell on her shoulder. Her chin was lifted slightly. She suddenly approached Zhen Longtao and asked, “Calling me?”


Zhen Longtao looked at Xu Xinduo’s beautiful appearance and suddenly stuttered: “Y-yess, yes, I am calling you.”


The sports school girl standing behind Zhen Longtao suddenly scolded: “F**k.”


Then she said in a volume that only a few of them could hear: “This woman is f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ too pretty, right?”


Xu Xinduo nodded and asked, “Is there something wrong?”


“If you apologize to me now, I’ll let you off.”


Xu Xinduo stared at Zhen Longtao for a long while, then reached out and touched Zhen Longtao’s head: “You are quite tall but why don’t you have a brain?”


Zhen Longtao quickly pushed her hand away: “Go away.”


Xu Xinduo tilted her head and looked at the girls standing behind Zhen Longtao. She was not afraid at all but found it interesting.


One of the girls stared at Xu Xinduo and her cheeks suddenly flushed. She made up her mind not to hit her face while beating her.


“Don’t make trouble here. There are children here and it will leave a bad influence on them. Let’s go there.” Xu Xinduo said as she stepped on the skateboard again and skateboarded towards a place with fewer people.


Zhen Longtao roared with confidence, “Don’t you dare to run away!”


“A monk can flee but the temple can’t.”


(T/N: It means that even if you evade something for a while, you can’t get rid of it because of other difficulties.)


Xu Xinduo finally stopped at the back of the sculpture. There were fewer people around and it was quieter.


She held the skateboard in her hand and watched Zhen Longtao and other girls come closer. After Zhen Longtao arrived, she asked, “What do you want?”


“You apologize to me…” Zhen Longtao said.


“Impossible, I did nothing wrong. Let’s start fighting.” Xu Xinduo replied immediately as if the previous conversation was just a formality.


Zhen Longtao said to the girls he brought: “It’s her. Don’t be merciful. I’ll pay for the medical fees.”


However, before the fight could begin, a group of people came to greet Zhen Longtao.


The group was led by a man with a red crew cut hairstyle which was quite famous in Northeast China. He had a big gold chain around his neck, a black T-shirt, a pair of tight jeans, and a pair of loafers for shoes.
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