The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 42

Edited By Msi & Girondono

“Oh, isn’t this Zhen Longtao? Why haven’t you come to greet brother Xiong recently? ” The red-haired boy took the initiative to greet Zhen Longtao.


Zhen Longtao’s expression changed after seeing him.


This was a local tycoon who ran a KTV nearby, but there were many youths with him. Zhen Longtao looked for this man’s help because of some reason, but now he was entangled with him. It was quite distressing.


“Brother Xiong.” Zhen Longtao greeted.


“Well, what are you doing here?” When Brother Xiong asked, his eyes glanced at Xu Xinduo.


“Nothing serious.”


“You are trying to drive me away.” Brother Xiong went to Zhen Longtao and said, “I haven’t calculated the account last time, have I? Do you think I’m a fool?”


“Can I come over and explain to you next time?”


Brother Xiong didn’t listen: “That’s what you said last time. I’ve been waiting for three months!”


After he finished saying this, he threw a punch at Zhen Longtao.


The girl next to Zhen Longtao wanted to stop the fight but she felt scared because of the people around Brother Xiong. 


Xu Xinduo acted as if she was watching a show. She walked to one side and stopped in front of Lou Xu. Then she stood there watching Zhen Longtao being beaten.


“Do you want to call the police?” Lou Xu asked.


“Let him be beaten a few more times. He deserves it.” Xu Xinduo didn’t care.


If it were only punching and kicking, Xu Xinduo would have just looked at it from the sidelines without intervening at all.


However, Zhen Longtao punched Brother Xiong when he was struggling, which thoroughly angered Brother Xiong. Brother Xiong actually took out a knife from his pocket.


Xu Xinduo picked up the skateboard and kicked it forward. The skateboard stopped right in front of Zhen Longtao, successfully blocking the knife.


Brother Xiong responded quickly and looked at Xu Xinduo. He heard Xu Xinduo say, “You can beat him as much as you want but don’t use a knife. There are people. It seems that someone has called the police.”


“You’re his friend?”


“No, we were going to fight but you intervened.”


Brother Xiong was amused by Xu Xinduo. He stopped to look at Xu Xinduo and asked her, “What’s your name?”


“Have you finished playing? I am going.”


“Little girl, this brother has a bad temper. If you go for drinks with me, I will let him go. What do you say?”


Zhen Longtao was held by Brother Xiong lackeys, so he came towards her and tried to touch her chin.


Xu Xinduo couldn’t help frowning. Seeing Brother Xiong reaching out to her chin, she immediately slapped his hand. After that, she lifted her leg and kicked him on his arm, making the knife fall from his hand.


She caught the knife with a quick movement, grabbed Brother Xiong’s wrist with her other hand and quickly snapped it behind him. Then she pressed his body on the ground and placed the tip of the knife over Xiong’s pupil: “If you dare to touch me, I will stab you.”


“You f**king…” Brother Xiong’s fighting style was completely unorthodox. He wasn’t someone that just anybody could defeat.


It’s true that the girls in sports school had practiced hard but it’s a bit difficult for them to defeat someone who didn’t follow any rule.


Xu Xinduo was different. She had not only strength but also experience. She couldn’t even count how many times she had met this kind of situation in recent years.


Brother Xiong couldn’t take it lying down and wanted to curse. However, after seeing the tip of the knife getting closer, he shut his mouth and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
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