The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 44

Edited By Msi & Girondono

God knows why, Tong Yan actually took the initiative to talk to Lou Xu: “Lou  Xu, right? Let’s go to dinner together, shall we?”


Could Lou Xu refuse a handsome guy?


Obviously, she couldn’t. She agreed very quickly: “Okay!”


“Then get on Wei Lan’s bike.”


“Ah?” Lou Xu looked at Wei Lan and Wei Lan didn’t seem to be willing either.


Wei Lan said in a low voice, “I’ll take Xinduo with me while you take Luo Xu. After all, it will be hard for two people (Xu Xinduo & Luo Xu) to sit on my bike.”


As a result, Xu Xinduo threw the skateboard aside and said to Tong Yan, “Say the place.”




Xu Xinduo directly got on Tong Yan’s motorcycle. After sitting firmly, she buckled up her helmet and started the motorcycle.


Tong Yan immediately stood beside her and asked, “What about me?”


“I heard that I rode the motorcycle in a skirt last time?”


Tong Yan coughed immediately: “The skirt was pressed tightly.”


“Oh, really!” After Xu Xinduo finished speaking, she started the motorcycle and rode away.


Xu Xinduo seemed to have something on her mind. Suddenly, the motorcycle took a sharp turn and rushed towards Zhen Longtao. However, it stopped right in front of Zhen Longtao, causing the back wheel to rise into the air.


Zhen Longtao was so scared by this sudden action, that he dragged himself back and almost peed in his pants. He never felt so afraid in his whole life.


Xu Xinduo didn’t plan to hit Zhen Longtao and left after scaring him. But when the motorcycle reached Mu Qianyi and Shao Qinghe, she turned around and glanced at them.


After Xu Xinduo left, Tong Yan finally walked toward Su Wei. He put on a spare helmet and followed Xu Xinduo on Su Wei’s bike.


Wei Lan looked at Lou Xu and waved: “Come on.”


Lou Xu wouldn’t be willing to go with Wei Lan if it wasn’t for Tong Yan. She got on Wei Lan’s bike and placed the skateboards between them.


All others who came with them also left. The scene calmed down again, but some people’s hearts didn’t.




Lu Renjia felt stupefied.


She saw Xu Xinduo’s heroic appearance and the sudden arrival of Tong Yan to maintain Xu Xinduo’s image with her own eyes.


Tong Yan had a very fussy character. He never followed anyone but he just smiled so beautifully at Xu Xinduo.


Tong Yan hated others approaching him and even had some obsessive-compulsive disorder but he just gave his helmet to Xu Xinduo. When he watched Xu Xinduo ride away on his beloved bike, he wasn’t angry at all. His eyes even had a spoiling expression.


Anyone could see that Tong Yan not only didn’t hate Xu Xinduo, but was also used to her.


‘Didn’t Tong Yan hate Xu Xinduo?’


‘How did Xu Xinduo get into Tong Yan’s good graces?’


‘Are they familiar with each other?’


Lu Renjia felt that something in her heart was breaking and crumbling little by little.


Tears flowed down her cheeks.


Xu Xinduo was just an adopted daughter. She had only been here for a few days. How could it be!


How is that possible?


She couldn’t accept it!
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