The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 45

Edited By Msi & Girondono

“Your sister is quite a surprise.” Shao Qinghe watched Xu Xinduo leave on Tong Yan’s motorcycle and couldn’t help but say with a sigh.


Shao Qinghe was getting more and more interested in Xu Xinduo. She again and again broke Shao Qinghe’s cognition.


Mu Qingyi was calm and quiet. He just looked at Mu Qingyao.


This kind of pleasant surprise gave Mu Qingyi a really complicated feeling. In his opinion, his sister had been living well all these years outside.


That’s why she didn’t care about the Mu family.


There was less guilt but more embarrassment. As one could see, Xu Xinduo had a good life. However, just as she arrived at the Mu family’s house, she got into a lot of trouble, which was brought by the Mu family.


Shao Qinghe continued to say: “Not only does she not look like she has no experience, but on the contrary, she seems to be quite powerful. She is really good at studies. She adapted to the English teaching environment of International Classes very quickly. Moreover, she also knows street racing. Look at those skills, they can’t be honed in a day or two. Do you think she has hidden something else?”


Mu Qingyi sighed: “Maybe it’s not hiding. If you don’t ask, she won’t show it.”


“That’s right. We came here in vain. We were so anxious when we came.” Shao Qinghe couldn’t help but remember Mu Qingyi’s nervous appearance when he got the news.


“It doesn’t matter.” After Mu Qingyi finished speaking, he walked to Mu Qingyao’s side, because she was still.


Mu Qingyao still had a shocked expression on her face. That expression was not of pleasant surprise, but…frustration.


She was feeling unreconciled.


Obviously, it should be Xu Xinduo who got thrashed, why did things suddenly reverse?


Mu Qingyao did not expect that things would turn out to be like this.


In her opinion, Xu Xinduo was just a village girl. After coming, Xu Xinduo had been pretending all along. No matter how well she pretended, the essence couldn’t be changed.


Unexpectedly, Xu Xinduo didn’t reveal her skills in one go but gradually showed her edge.


This time was also the same. Instead of being bullied by Zhen Longtao, she bullied him in all ways…


‘Is Xu Xinduo familiar with Tong Yan?’


‘What was that look in Tong Yan’s eyes just now?’


‘Is it possible that they have some relationship?’


If Xu Xinduo relied on Tong Yan in the future and Mu Qingyi sympathized with her at home, then Mu Qingyao’s life would be very difficult.


She was in a very bad mood now. She was uneasy, frightened, furious, and even resentful.


As soon as she turned her head, she saw that Mu Qingyi was standing beside her so she immediately hid her expression: “Brother.”


“Well, are you scared?” Mu Qingyi asked her.


Mu Qingyao replied in a trembling voice: “No, I… I’m relieved that she is fine.”


“Go home, your Grandma is back.”


“Is (maternal) Grandma here?” Mu Qingyao became ecstatic.


Mu Qingyi leaned over and said in her ear: “No, it’s your maternal grandmother. When Xu Xinduo comes back, we will formally handle her affairs.”


Mu Qingyao’s smile suddenly faded and she looked at Mu Qingyi in surprise.


Mu Qingyi’s expression was still the same as before: “Go home now.”


“Okay. “


Lu Renjia was still immersed in shock and hadn’t recovered her senses. She had a jealous and distorted expression on her face, just like a madwoman. She was called twice by Mu Qingyao before she recovered.
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