The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 46

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Shao Qinghe walked over to help Zhen Longtao up and said at the same time, “Why did you do that? It’s so embarrassing.”


Zhen Longtao stood up and apologized to the girls he had brought. He had a dejected and depressed expression on his face. He went to Mu Qingyi and said to him, “I’m really sorry for my impulsiveness.”


Mu Qingyi looked at Zhen Longtao’s eyes with slight disgust and did not reply.


Zhen Longtao sorted out his clothes, quickly looked at the others, and said, “I will apologize to Xu Xinduo before formally pursuing her, not as a bet.”


This shocked everyone present.


Zhen Longtao was a little annoyed when he saw Brother Xiong, knowing that he couldn’t finish his business today.


However, it was unexpectedly Xu Xinduo who helped him when he was about to be stabbed.


He looked at Xu Xinduo’s beautiful back as she left and suddenly felt his heart empty…


‘Oh, I see.’


‘Why did I mind her rejection so much? Why was I feeling so flustered and exasperated these days? Had I really fallen in love at first sight?’


‘At that time, my eyes were always on her and could hardly move away. Later I was rejected again and again, my frustration and sadness finally turned into anger.’


‘Now I understand. Maybe it was because of sadness caused by rejection that I ended up doing so many outrageous things?’


He didn’t know whether he could change Xu Xinduo’s impression of himself later. He knew very well that it would be extremely hard to do so. He could only try his best.


His first impression was so bad that Zhen Longtao wanted to slap his past self. Why was he such a fool?


Boys were just like this. The less they get something, the more they want it.


Zhen Longtao’s heart was in turmoil. He was perplexed. At this time, he didn’t understand his own emotions.


He even thought to himself: ‘Xu Xinduo looked very beautiful when she taught me a lesson…’


As a result, the girl from the sports school who originally came to help him disagreed: “Longtao, listen to your sister’s advice and don’t waste your time. You don’t stand a chance to pursue her at all.”


The 2nd girl immediately added, “Not really. If you really succeeded in pursuing her, can I become her friend?”


“She was so graceful just now. She wasn’t afraid at all. That little girl is really something.”


“Zhen Longtao, what’s her name? I’m all in love with that girl.”


Everyone watched this group of girls become fans: “…”




Flange was a western restaurant. Tong Yan and others often come here to eat. Xu Xinduo naturally knew about it.


After she arrived, she gave the helmet to the waiter and asked Tong Yan whether they had a reservation. After that, she took the elevator to the 16th floor.


This was a revolving restaurant. She went to the window table and sat down. Soon Tong Yan arrived and sat opposite her.


Xu Xinduo looked at Tong Yan and said, “I have put new clothes in your closet. Why do you always wear black?”


Tong Yan was wearing a loose shirt with black bat sleeves, revealing some of his abdominal muscles when raising his arms. His pants were black and the shoes were also black.


“They are too flashy. You girls love colourful stuff.” Tong Yan didn’t appreciate Xu Xinduo’s choice at all. He only liked black colour and regarded other colours as too ‘flashy.’
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