The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 47

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Tong Yan asked Xu Xinduo in a gentle tone: “What would you like to eat?”


Xu Xinduo looked at the menu and whispered, “I want to eat ice cream…”


Tong Yan looked at her. Knowing that her stomach could not handle ice cream, he sighed helplessly: “Let’s swap bodies.”


After Xu Xinduo entered Tong Yan’s body, she crossed her legs, looked at the menu, and ordered what she wanted to eat.


In the past few years, she had been accustomed to placing orders without looking at the price, mainly because Tong Yan was not short of money. She helped Tong Yan so many times. Naturally, she wasn’t lenient on spending his money. Moreover, she knew Tong Yan didn’t care about money.


After ordering a series of things, Xu Xinduo gave the menu to Lou Xu who had just arrived.


When Lou Xu saw ‘Tong Yan’ pass the menu, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She reached out her hands and took the menu. She began to order seriously with a mild smile on her face.


Tong Yan took out the mobile phone from Xu Xinduo’s pocket to send a message: When you were in your body, you only drank tea and warm water. However, when you entered my body, you drank milk tea and ordered ice cream which had a lot of fat. You are not considering my body at all.


Xu Xinduo replied: Girls easily get fatter.


Tong Yan looked up at Xu Xinduo but saw his own body, which made him somewhat uncomfortable.


It was the first time when they exchanged bodies while sitting together. It felt like his soul was outside his body and it was looking at its body from a third person perspective.


However, he didn’t say anything. He typed back: OK, eat whatever you like. I’ll go to the gym after eating.


Inside Tong Yan’s body, Xu Xinduo was particularly unbridled and ate whatever she wanted, not afraid of being fat at all.


Anyway, Tong Yan was a boy who won’t get fat and keep himself fit all year round.


While Xu Xinduo was taking her time eating, Tong Yan, who was inside Xu Xinduo’s body, was gracefully eating ramen noodles. In fact, he was looking at Wei Lan.


‘Damn, why is this guy winking at me? It’s so disgusting.’


It’s not a terrible thing that Wei Lan was trying to flirt with Xu Xinduo.


What’s terrible was that he was getting those glances as he was inside Xu Xinduo’s body.


This experience gave Tong Yan goosebumps.


“Excuse me, I am going to the washroom,” Tong Yan said as he tried to get out of this situation.


Then he got up and left.


After a while, Wei Lan also followed behind with a smile on his face.


Su Wei watched both of them leaving and couldn’t help but ask ‘Tong Yan’: “Brother Yan, you got the news first and rushed over to save Xu Xinduo. However, from the looks of it, Wei Lan is going to cut your beard.”


(T/N: “Cut Beard” means to claim someone else’s credits.)


Xu Xinduo was eating happily when she was suddenly asked by Su Wei. She couldn’t understand his meaning and asked, “What’s the cut beard?”


“They left alone.”


“It doesn’t matter.” Xu Xinduo answered and continued to eat.


Lou Xu, as Wei Lan’s ex-girlfriend, also didn’t care. She just peeped at ‘Tong Yan’ while eating. ‘Ah, how can he look so good! His tattoo really matches him! Ahh, he looks so cute while eating!’


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