The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 48

Edited By Msi & Girondono

Tong Yan came out of the washroom and saw Wei Lan leaning against the railing waiting for him. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


‘It’s really ridiculous!’


When he walked over to wash his hands, Wei Lan immediately came over and said to him: “Duoduo, let’s slip away alone after dinner. I’ve booked two movie tickets. Let’s go to watch a movie. I’ll drop you off at home later.”


“I don’t want to watch a movie.”


“It’s a newly released movie, and its reviews are pretty good. I promise that you will like it.”


“I don’t want to watch it!” Tong Yan wiped his hands and walked towards the table.


Just as Tong Yan took two steps, his hand was grabbed by Wei Lan. Wei Lan pulled him back and whispered, “Do you know when I heard that Zhen Longtao was looking for trouble with you, my heart almost jumped out and I immediately rushed over to help you.”


Tong Yan raised his eyebrows. It’s clear that he got the news and brought Wei Lan and others with him. However, Wei Lan wanted to take credit secretly.


If he hadn’t swapped bodies, he wouldn’t have even known.


Tong Yan pulled his hand back and then pushed away Wei Lan’s face that was too close: “I will kill you if you follow me any longer. I advise you to stay away if you want to live a few years more.”


“After meeting you, I found out that you are my favourite type. In the future, you will be my princess, and I will be your knight. What do you think, Your Highness?”


These words were very disgusting and laughable to Tong Yan.


He couldn’t stand it anymore.


He kind of wanted to beat Wei Lan up hard.


“Displease or disturb me again, and I’ll kill you.” After that, Tong Yan returned to his seat. On the way back, he received a message. Lou Xu sent it.


Lou Xu: Mu Qingyi wanted to add you as friends. I think he had already sent you a friend request.


Tong Yan sat down and accepted Mu Qingyi’s friend request. Then he saw the message sent by Mu Qingyi: The maid who swapped you and Yaoyao is currently at Mu villa. We are waiting for you to come back and handle this matter together.


After reading it, he immediately sent its screenshot to Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo hesitated for a while after reading the message and then saw Tong Yan asking: Are you going, or should I go?


Xu Xinduo replied: I will go. I want to see what their attitude is.


Tong Yan asked her: So, you still have some hope for this family, right?


Xu Xinduo looked at the mobile screen for a long time and didn’t answer.




Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu went back together. Lou Xu’s driver drove silently along the way.


Tong Yan watched Xu Xinduo get in the car and rode the motorcycle to the nursing home alone.


Tong Yan, a teenager with a tattoo and riding a motorcycle, looked just like a model . The security guard at the entrance came out to inquire about Tong Yan’s identity. Tong Yan reported Grandma Xu’s room number and took out the key card of Grandma Xu’s room. After verifying it, the security guard finally let him enter.


There were two key cards of Grandma Xu’s room. Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan each had one.
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