The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 49

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The nursing home arranged by Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo for Grandma Xu was the best in the city.


The nursing home was next to the forest park, which was located near the river. It was very environment friendly.


There was a big hospital not far from the nursing home.


Granny Xu lived in the room from where she could see the river. There was also a living room and an open kitchen in it.


Tong Yan hadn’t seen Grandma Xu after returning to China. He asked the nurse about Grandma Xu’s condition. Then he swiped his card into Grandma Xu’s room.


He just wanted to see Grandma Xu in the room.


In order not to scare grandma Xu, he especially put on the clothes of the nurse because they occasionally help Grandma Xu deal with the garbage in the room or check her body.


Tong Yan went in and sat by the bed. He took the medical examination report hanging at the bed and looked at it. After going through it, he was assured that there was nothing wrong with Grandma Xu.


Tong Yan often swapped his body with Xu Xinduo and spent a lot of time with Grandma Xu so he really cared about her.


When he was abroad, he often inquired about Grandma Xu’s situation. After returning, he came to see Grandma Xu in person to be assured.


Just as he was flipping through the report, Grandma Xu turned over and seemed to be awake. Then she looked at Tong Yan and asked, “Why don’t you turn on the light?”


“Oh… I was afraid to wake you up. I have checked the reports so I am leaving now.” Tong Yan stood up as he answered. Because of his nervousness, he unconsciously touched the tip of his nose with his fingers.


Grandma Xu looked at him. She reached out to stop him and sat up at the same time: “Don’t go in a hurry. I didn’t see you clearly.”


“Ah, well, what can I do for you?”


Grandma Xu looked at Tong Yan from top to the bottom. After that, she looked at his face: “You are pretty handsome.”


Tong Yan was inexplicably nervous. He was a little confused about the situation, so he asked tentatively, “What happened?”


“Although I was muddle-headed at the time when I was admitted to hospital last time, I seemed to have seen you.”


Tong Yan immediately sat down again, looked at Grandma Xu, and asked, “Do you know me?”


Grandma Xu’s smile was gentle as always: “My granddaughter behaved strangely sometimes as if she had become a completely different person. It really worried me. I am illiterate so I thought whether my granddaughter is possessed by some ghost. I even ran to ask people about schizophrenia. I thought about it a lot but couldn’t come up with anything. When I saw you two together last time (when they saved Grandma Xu), I found your character extremely familiar. I suddenly understood it.”


Grandma Xu was really illiterate but she was not stupid.


She noticed that Xu Xinduo ofter behaved abnormally but she hadn’t asked her about it for so many years and pretended as if she knew nothing. However, she was secretly anxious and worried.


She observed Xu Xinduo’s habits and concluded that her personality was roughly divided into two types.


One of her personalities was that she was familiar with. It was usually calm and indifferent but unyielding.


The other personality was completely opposite and it often appeared. It was show off, overbearing and arrogant but kind-hearted at the same time.


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