The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Ridicule (1)

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur

The aura of “Xu Xinduo” seemed to have switched in a flash. A while ago, it was indifferent, arrogant and full of disdain for everything.


But at this time, it was violent and arrogant. There was even some irony and ridicule in her eyes.


For many years now, Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo could swap bodies. In order not to be exposed, they made great efforts to cover it up. However, they still had a different aura and they couldn’t help it.


Xu Xinduo chose to talk less in order to have fewer loopholes. Tong Yan chose to be less angry in order to have fewer loopholes. Even so, people did feel the difference in aura, just that they didn’t know the reason.

At this time, Tong Yan was in the music classroom in Xu Xinduo’s body emanating a contrasting aura. Seeing this, several girls shut up immediately.

Mu Qingyao had not sensed anything at all. Still immersed in portraying her generous side, she said, “Don’t get me wrong. My family will definitely arrange piano lessons for you. If you have a good understanding, you may be able to play a complete piece of music.”

Tong Yan reached out to lift the fallboard and then threw it down. The fallboard of the piano hit the piano making a loud sound.

(T/N: Although I am referring to ‘her’ as Tong Yan, there is no physical change involved.)

“How many times do I have to play this s̲h̲i̲t̲? I’ll smash it if I’m in a bad mood.” After finishing speaking, Tong Yan reached his hand to his pocket only to find that he was wearing a skirt. Finally, he walked out uncomfortably.

‘I don’t know why Xu Xinduo doesn’t wear leggings when she goes out. I can’t even sit cross legged.I can’t do anything which may lift the skirt.’

(T/N: He is talking about sitting in posture which may not be ladylike.)

‘Really annoying…’

There was a teacher in the corridor. When he heard the loud sound, he came over quickly. He happened to see Tong Yan walking out and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Some of them smashed the piano.” Tong Yan answered and went straight out.

Then the teacher went into the classroom and cursed.
Tong Yan went straight back to Class Four and walked in.

Just as he entered, the classroom became quiet for a moment. Everyone watched a strange girl walk in without greeting and going straight to the end of the class.

Then they saw her sit in Brother Yan’s seat!

Someone immediately reminded her.

“Hello! That is Brother Yan’s seat. He will be angry if you sit there!”

Another asked, “Who are you?”

F**k me, here comes a beauty. This is best.

Tong Yan looked at them and replied lazily. “Xu Xinduo.”

Su Wei recognized him immediately and said aloud, “Ah, it’s you. You transferred to our class? I have put your suitcase and bag next to the locker.”

Tong Yan looked back and found it a bit troublesome. He waved and said, “Well, I see.”

At this time, the monitor stood up and came to him and said, “Classmate, you are a transfer student. You should introduce yourself to everyone and let everyone know you.”

“What introduction? I’ll know you sooner or later.” After saying so, Tong Yan reached out and took out the sports jacket from the drawer. He then placed it on the table and fell asleep using it as a pillow.

The students of Class Four were all stunned.

This transfer student is a bit arrogant… Sitting in Brother Yan’s seat.

She even took Brother Yan’s clothes to sleep on them. According to Brother Yan’s temper, wouldn’t he fling a chair and hit people?

“Is she Brother Yan’s friend?”

“Wei Lan, who is she?”

People who didn’t know the truth simply asked Tong Yan’s friend, Wei Lan. After all, what they just saw was just too baffling!

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