The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 51

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Tong Yan carried the arrogance and fierceness unique to the teenager and there was also a tattoo on his neck. This was not liked by elders but it didn’t affect Grandma Xu’s liking.


Tong Yan stretched out his hand and took Grandma Xu’s hand to comfort, “I will be your grandson and will be filial. Did you feel uncomfortable when Duoduo went to meet her birth parents?”


“Well, I was out of shape and couldn’t take care of Duoduo. I just wanted Duoduo to find her maternal grandma, hoping to get in touch with Duoduo’s mother. As a result, the Mu family met Duoduo and all of this happened. I was not surprised when I came to know the truth. I used to occasionally think that my son and daughter-in-law couldn’t have given birth to such a beautiful child. My son was only one meter and seventy-three centimeter tall. How can he have a daughter with a height of one meter and seventy-five centimeter? On second thought, I never thought that her maternal grandmother would steal a child so I didn’t think much about it.”


(T/N: Here, ‘her maternal grandmother’ doesn’t mean Xu Xinduo’s real maternal grandmother. Grandma Xu is Mu Qingyao’s paternal grandmother while that maid is her maternal grandmother.)


“You have a big heart. Are you not afraid that your daughter-in-law wore a green hat to your son?”


(T/N: ‘Wore green hat’ means to cuckold.)


“Even if she is someone else’s! She is still my Duoduo! ‘ Grandma Xu suddenly raised her volume and then softened her attitude again, “I know a lot about the Duoduo’s temperament. She is indifferent outside but soft inside. Whenever she is wronged, she will pretend that she doesn’t care. However, how can she not care about it? You will take care of her?”


“Well, I will. She’s my Grandaunt.”


(T/N: He said ‘Grandaunt’ to lighten the atmosphere.)


When Grandma Xu saw Tong Yan saying that, she immediately laughed.


Both children grew up under her watch. She knew what kind of character they had. The two children really got along well and were very clever. As long as it wasn’t a natural disaster like the sky falling, they could deal with anything else.




Mu Qingyi sat on the couch  in the living room with his legs crossed and holding his chin on the one hand. He was looking at the old maid who was crying for mercy.


When the old maid saw Mu Qingyao, she cried and crawled towards her. Her hair was disheveled and she looked petrified.


“I am your maternal grandmother! Young Miss, I am your maternal grandmother and I’m the one who made you live in the Mu family for 16 years!” said the old maid crying.


Mu Qingyao shook her head repeatedly: “No, no……”


She didn’t want to admit it.


She knew that this old maid was particularly good to her but she only thought it was her duty.


Now it was hard for her to accept that this servant was actually her own grandmother.




So disgusting.


Being called a relative by this old maid made her feel disgusted. She had always regarded herself as aloof and remote. She was the Young Miss of Mu family. How could she be the granddaughter of this old thing?!


“Please ask the Young Master to let me go. I promise that I will get out of here and never disturb your life again.” The old maid continued to cry.


Mu Qingyao pursed her lips and held back her tears. She did nothing wrong so why all of this was happening to her!


Xu Xinduo returned home at this time. She glanced at the people in the living room and then went straight to the kitchen.


She would always drink a glass of warm water after getting home.
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