The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 52

Edited By Msi

After drinking the water, Xu Xinduo came out and saw the old maid crying. She didn’t have any feelings for her so she naturally didn’t care.


Even if there were any emotions, it would be anger.


She made her grandchild enjoy the high position and great wealth by swapping her and Mu Qingyao. Someone who could do such a thing really had a viper’s heart.


Xu Xinduo sat on the other side of the couch. Mu Qingyi was waiting for her. After seeing her, Mu Qingyi said: “I plan to send her to the lunatic asylum.”


The body of the old maid collapsed in an instant.


“But, she is not mentally ill!” Mu Qingyao subconsciously said.


 The old maid thought that Mu Qingyao had emotions for her so she immediately hugged her leg. However, Mu Qingyao pushed her away and took a step back.


Mu Qingyi saw all of this and didn’t comment much. He just said slowly: “We shouldn’t let the police handle this matter. She would get imprisonment for at most a few years. However, she would stay in a lunatic asylum for a lifetime. As for how she got ill… she couldn’t explain clearly as she was lunatic.”


After hearing this, Mu Qingyao flinched in fear.


Mu Qingyi suddenly turned to look at Xu Xinduo, “Don’t you want to plead for her?”


Xu Xinduo shook his head: “No, I don’t want to. For me, she is just a hateful stranger. It’s my sister who should be pleading. After all, she is her maternal grandma.”


Xu Xinduo and this maid had met only two times in these years. Once when she was seven years old and the second time when Grandma Xu asked her to find her. She was disappointed both times. There were no feelings between them at all. They were like two strangers.


Strictly speaking, this maid was the enemy who changed Xu Xinduo’s fate. Of course, the worse the enemy’s ending, the better it was.


Mu Qingyi noticed that the formerly indifferent sister suddenly became talkative and said to Mu Qingyao: “Sister, there are many other things in the lunatic asylum like feeding medicine, electric shock and so on. What’s worse is to be together with a group of psychopaths. God knows if roommates have violent tendencies. It’s not illegal for a patient in a lunatic asylum to kill someone…”


In fact, Xu Xinduo intentionally exaggerated everything. No matter whether it was true or not, she just wanted to frighten Mu Qingyao and the maid to see their reactions.


Then, Xu Xinduo turned to look at Mu Qingyi: “Brother, do you also think so?”


Her tone was b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲y̲ and the smile was cunning. Her expression was like a demon who was up to some mischief.


However, Mu Qingyi’s attention was on… word ‘brother’.


She called him ‘brother’.


The maid didn’t know whether Xu Xinduo was telling the truth or not but rumors indicated that some lunatic asylums were really like this.


So she began to fear and entered a state of madness. She began to shout uncontrollably and rushed at Mu Qingyao fiercely like a mad dog.


She started shouting Mu Qingyao’s name: “Yaoyao, I am your relative, your closest relative. Yaoyao, save your grandma. Don’t let them do this, okay?”


Previously Mu Qingyao was able to push away the maid but she couldn’t do the same this time.


She had been pampered and spoiled since childhood. How could she withstand the maid’s strength?


Mu Qingyao was so scared that she wanted to ask for help from Mu Qingyi but Mu Qingyi ignored her.
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