The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 53

Edited By Msi

All the servants in the family had been driven out. Only family members were present here. Father Mu sat on the couch and looked at the scene. However, he didn’t seem to want to watch this kind of scene.


Mu Qingyao shouted in a trembling tone, “Don’t touch me and go away, I’m not your relative.”


“You are! You grew up under my watch! Without me, how could you have such a glorious 16 years? You would have only grown up in the village. It wasn’t even certain that you would be able to study. I changed your fate. I did all of this for you so you can’t just ignore me!”


Xu Xinduo’s eyes narrowed slightly when she heard it.


This maid knew that she would meet such a fate but she still sent her to the village. Just how venomous was her heart?


“No, I am not. My surname is Mu!” Mu Qingyao desperately denied it and pushed the maid away with all her might.


“You can deny it. You can also stay in the Mu family to enjoy wealth. Can’t you plead to save me? I’ve brought you so many benefits. Now you’re going to do this to me?! You have the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog!” The maid finally became angry. She was also disheartened by this ungrateful granddaughter.


(T/N: ‘Heart of wolf and lungs of a dog’ means cruel and unscrupulous.)


It seemed that Father Mu couldn’t bear it anymore. He wanted to control the maid but Mu Qingyi stopped him: “Dad, this is their family business. We’ll just wait for the result of their discussion.”


When Mu Qingyao saw Mu Qingyi’s indifferent appearance and heard her words, she immediately panicked and said, “Dad! Brother! Help me, get her out of here!”


This action of Mu Qingyao thoroughly angered the maid. She suddenly grinned ferociously and pulled Mu Qingyao down, making her fall. The maid said, “Get me out of here? I’m in this situation all because of you! You should go to the countryside and suffer just like her. She was raised by her grandmother with only porridge. Now, if she eats something wrong, she will have an upset stomach and fall ill easily. She is full of illness from head to toe!”


When the maid was talking, there was no guilt in her eyes but rather distorted emotions.


Mother Mu was originally in the stairwell. This was the first time she heard of such a thing and her eyes immediately turned red.


With her mouth covered, she crouched down and looked downstairs from the gap between the railings. Thinking of her daughter’s grievance, she suddenly felt despondent.


‘In those years in the countryside, Xu Xinduo must have suffered a lot, right?’


At the end of the day, she was Xu Xinduo’s mother. How could she not feel sad for her daughter?


“It’s not…” Mu Qingyao still didn’t want to admit it.


The maid continued to yell at Mu Qingyao, “You only have Mu family’s wealth in your eyes. You can live here the life you want. Do you really have such deep feelings with your parents? I don’t see it. If your parents have more money, you’ll go there, won’t you?”


“No! You talk nonsense!”


“You hate your paternal grandma and me just because you think that we will implicate you!”


Mu Qingyi rolled his eyes and sighed. He rubbed his ears and said, “It’s too noisy; I’m so annoyed.”


The Mu family seemed to value this Young Master very much. After he spoke, everyone quieted down at the same time. The maid looked at Mu Qingyi and began to plead with him. She got up again and said: “Young Master, would you please let me go? I have done my job very carefully and faithfully all these years. Have you forgotten?”
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