The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 54

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Mu Qingyi kicked the maid away, “In fact, I have been waiting all this time. If you had apologized to the victim, I might have been relatively merciful. However, you didn’t show any guilt all this time. You were just arguing about pointless things.”


Xu Xinduo, the victim, looked at Mu Qingyi but he did not look at her. He kept staring at Mu Qingyao and the maid.


Xu Xinduo didn’t speak. She was waiting to see how Mu Qingyi would handle this matter. She saw Mu Qingyi look down at his mobile phone and type something: “I will arrange a lunatic asylum. Although the environment is not good, it’s very suitable for you. You can rest assured that you will not have a good time there.”


After Mu Qingyi was done, someone came in and took the maid away. During the whole process of being dragged out, the maid cried out like a pig who was going to be slaughtered. After hearing Mu Qingyi’s words, she seemed to finally think of apologizing to Xu Xinduo, but it was too late.


Mu Qingyao looked at the maid being taken away. There was still panic on her face. Then she looked at Mu Qingyi with tears in her eyes. She looked very pitiful.


Mu Qingyi looked at Mu Qingyao and said: “You are my younger sister after all. I will not make things difficult for you. You can continue to be a Dove occupying Magpie’s nest and stay at the Mu family’s house.”


(T/N: ‘Dove occupying Magpie’s nest’ means occupying other people’s houses and enjoying benefits.)

“Parents can’t bear to let you go but you have to marry in the Shen family. Since you have enjoyed the benefits Mu family brought you, you also have to make some contribution. It is your task to be Shen Zhuhang’s fiancee. However, you have to manage him well and don’t use him to play tricks. It’s very low-level and ridiculous.”


Mu Qingyao couldn’t support herself anymore and fell on the floor.


She knew that her brother was not stupid and could see through her plans.


She now only had one use in the Mu family which was to consolidate the relationship with the Shen family by marrying Shen Zhuhang. However, this was also something which she was ready for.


After watching the show, Xu Xinduo thought it was okay. She stood up and walked upstairs.


Mu Qingyi did not stop her either and watched her go upstairs. When she passed by Mother Mu’s side, Mother Mu suddenly grabbed her wrist and asked, “Is your health not good? How about I take you to the hospital to see if it’s OK?”


Xu Xinduo paused a little and then said with a smile, “It’s okay, I’m used to it. Go and comfort your daughter. She seems terrified. I’ll go back to have a rest.”


Mother Mu’s fingers trembled after hearing Xu Xinduo’s answer and she released Xu Xinduo’s wrist.


Xu Xinduo said to comfort ‘your’ daughter.


So in Xu Xinduo’s heart, she wasn’t their daughter?


Xu Xinduo said that she was a bit disappointed with her biological parents…


At this time, Father Mu suddenly stopped Xu Xinduo downstairs, “We have dealt with the person who has hurt you so you don’t have to put on that sour face anymore. We have told you the reason so many times. We have made that decision after weighing everything. Yaoyao’s identity can’t be changed! You do not know how to appreciate favors. You’re not sensible at all. You can’t understand the difficulty of adults. “


Xu Xinduo’s thin lips tightened. Some strange emotions appeared in her eyes but they soon got replaced by indifference.


So it’s all her fault…


Xu Xinduo just replied curtly: “It doesn’t matter.”


After talking, she went straight to her room.
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