The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 55


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Father Mu was really angry. The daughter he raised painstakingly was not his own. His own biological daughter always acted aloof and remote as if they owed her eight million.


If the true identity was disclosed and the Mu family’s property collapsed, would this biological daughter be finally happy?!


Too ignorant!


When all was said and done, how would a child who was not raised by them be considerate of them?


Father Mu was so angry that he also complained to Mu Qingyi, “Look at her attitude. Ah? I have already done whatever I could. Am I not good to her? Look at the dresses she wears, the mobile phone she holds in her hand and the pocket money in her account. Which one was not given to her? Why doesn’t she know how to be satisfied? What else does she want from me? Make me weep bitter tears and kneel in front of her?!”


Father Mu had always been a male chauvinist. He was always busy with business matters. After Xu Xinduo came home, Father Mu had increased the frequency of returning home.


In Father Mu’s concept, this already showed his greatest concern about this daughter.


He had already done good enough for her!


Mu Qianyi looked at his father and frowned slightly. At last, he said nothing and went upstairs: “I am going to study.”


Seeing that both of the biological children had left in such an attitude, Mother Mu immediately said to Father Mu: “You should control your emotions.”


Father Mu looked at Mu Qingyao and said, “Yaoyao, get up. No matter what they say, you are still the father’s daughter. Father will treat you well. Were you scared just now?”


Mu Qingyao immediately rushed to Father Mu’s arms and wept bitterly, “Dad!”


What a deep love between father and daughter.


Sunday night.


Xu Xinduo got up at night. She walked to the desk, opened the drawer and used her hand to find something in it. After some time, she finally took out a painkiller.


With no water in the room, she could only go downstairs to drink water but the pain in her lower abdomen made her unable to go downstairs.


She could only take medicine directly and thump her chest to swallow it.


The Mu family provided her with a place to live but she did not have her own water glass. She was using the guest’s water glass until now. Moreover, there was no water dispenser in the room.


She had been waiting, waiting for the so-called family to notice and buy it for her.


Only now did she realize that she was really naive. Why wait? She had better just buy it herself.


It’s just a water glass.


She didn’t want to move anymore. She could only lie on the desk and wait. The medicine hadn’t taken effect yet and the abdominal pain was already unbearable.


This time, she was distracted by the Mu family’s affairs. Otherwise, she would usually take painkillers in advance to relieve menstrual cramps after seeing the symptoms of her menstrual period coming.


She had a ‘cold body’ and severe dysmenorrhea.


(T/N: ‘Cold Body’ is a type of physique under traditional Chinese medicine. Someone with this physique is usually weak and easily gets ill.)


The intense pain would always make her feel that it was a blessing to be alive till now. Perhaps it had something to do with her lack of food and clothing.


Grandma Xu lived an antisocial life and had very few friends. Although she did some odd jobs, her income was almost negligible. Their family often didn’t even have money to buy coal in the winter. All the money in the family was saved to pay Xu Xinduo’s school fee. This was the only thing Grandma Xu insisted on. She didn’t want to let Xu Xinduo be illiterate.
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