The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 57


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After she finished freshening up, she crouched down to study the manual of water purifier. After installing it, she took the glass, pressed the button and watched the warm water flowing out. She took a glass of warm water and drank it.


Although she took painkillers, she still had symptoms of back pain and a slight headache. She wasn’t in a good mood.  She occasionally vomited and had diarrhea, but the frequency was very less.


The back pain made her feel unwell.


She went downstairs listlessly and entered the dining hall. Mu Qingyao and Mu Qingyi were also there. She said in a low voice after she sat down.


“Thank you.”


 “It’s nothing.” Mu Qingyi replied.


Mu Qingyao looked up at the two of them without saying anything and continued to eat an omelette.


Mu Qingyi spoke again: “An exclusive driver has been arranged for you and the car has been bought.”


After saying that, he gave Xu Xinduo a business card. Xin Xinduo looked at it and found that it was her exclusive driver’s business card.


She walked out of the house with a bag on her back. Looking at the car parked at the gate of the yard, she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows.


The cars assigned to them were all Cayenne. Mu Qingyao’s car was white, Mu Qingyi car was silver-gray, and her car was actually pink.


To her, it didn’t matter. However, she didn’t know how Tong Yan would react when he would see this car.


After getting into the car, Xu Xinduo saw her exclusive driver, who was actually a woman. The female driver turned back and greeted Xu Xinduo: “Hello, my name is Deyu. You can call me whatever you want. It doesn’t matter.”


Xu Xinduo greeted her after sitting down and then asked, “Hi, nice to meet you. Do you have anything else to do on weekdays?”


“No, I will always follow you and there are no holidays. You just call me when you go out. This job is actually quite relaxed. After you go to school, I have nothing else to do.”


It was clear at a glance that Deyu grew up in Northeast China. She spoke carefree and had a strong Northeast Chinese accent.


This kind of character really appealed to Xu Xinduo. She nodded and thought something to herself but didn’t voice it out.


After sitting in the car, she received a message from Tong Yan: [Picture]


Tong Yan: I am so angry that my brain hurts. I just want to beat him.


 Xu Xinduo clicked on the screenshot and saw Zhen Longtao’s post.


The original poster (Zhen Longtao): I’m Zhen Longtao. I officially apologize to Xu Xinduo for the previous bet and formally confess to her. I really like her and want to start chasing her. I am not doing this for the bet this time. Even if the opponent is Tong Yan, I will still give my best.


Xu Xinduo: Has he changed his trick again?


Tong Yan: I don’t know. He is at the door of our class now. He said that he was waiting for your arrival so that he can apologize to you. I want to throw him from the third floor to the ground.


Tong Yan: Friendly reminder, there are many onlookers. Be careful when you come.


Xu Xinduo: I am not in good shape now. Can you persuade him? Give him a chance to save his life.


Tong Yan really looked down on Zhen Longtao.


Tong Yan was someone who would defend his friend despite knowing that it’s his friend who was in the wrong. That fellow’s act of betting on Xu Xinduo had already greatly offended Tong Yan.


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