The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 58

Edited By Msi

Tong Yan always felt that just kicking Zhen Longtao into the lake was too light of a  punishment. He should have beaten him.


However, he couldn’t do that. If he were alone in the Jiahua International School, it wouldn’t have mattered but now Xu Xinduo was also here. If he were too irritable and violent, Xu Xinduo would be angry.


What kind of person did Xu Xinduo want him to be?


The elegant little prince of piano, the student of the international class, somewhat indifferent (so as not to expose their secret) and noble.


If he really wanted to fight, then he would have to say something like, “Hello, can I… beat you? I will punch you in the face first and then kick you with the right leg. What do you think about it? Can I do it?”


Tong Yan felt bitter in his heart but he didn’t say anything because he couldn’t afford to offend that ‘demoness’.


After waiting for a while, he saw Su Wei standing some distance away from him with a basketball in his hands. He didn’t want to be directly involved in this matter.


So he could only make noise with his hands and then wink at Su Wei. Su Wei immediately understood. He stood up and went out.


Su Wei was still bouncing basketball when he went out. It seemed that he was about to go out to play basketball. When passing Zhen Longtao, he saw the flowers in his hand and was speechless: “Seriously, you will only annoy Xu Xinduo if you appeared like this in front of her. Are you not embarrassed? Those who make romantic confession in public are very stupid. It’s even more strange that they succeed.”


When Zhen Longtao saw Su Wei, he asked, “Did Tong Yan ask you to come?”


Just as he mentioned Tong Yan, the crowd suddenly became excited.


In fact, many people read Zhen Longtao’s post and it caused a stir in Jiahua international school.


Any post related to Tong Yan would always be deleted soon, which meant that Tong Yan had a way to delete posts from school forums.


Moreover, if Tong Yan could delete the post, he might even have means to know the real identity of the person who posted it under anonymity. This made everyone very careful not to say anything bad about Tong Yan.


But Zhen Longtao said that Tong Yan was chasing Xu Xinduo?


Real or fake?


Tong Yan’s fans denied it immediately: Utter rubbish!


“Is Zhen Longtao a mentally disabled person? You want to drag our idol into muddy water?”


“That’s right. Does Tong Yan even need to chase? Tong Yan just has to hook his fingers and Xu Xinduo would come rushing.”


“It’s just been a few days since Tong Yan returned to China. Will he and Zhen Longtao fight for a country bumpkin?”


“Is there anyone in the world who needs to be chased by Tong Yan?”


However, some people who were there for fun said: “It is possible.”


“This post has already survived 30 minutes. Just look at this sky-high click-through rate, Tong Yan certainly knows about it. However, he has not deleted the post yet. What does that mean? That means he agrees tacitly.”


“We have to acknowledge that Xu Xinduo is really beautiful.”


“Now these two are deskmates. As you know, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first.”


Soon, all kinds of rumors began to spread in the school.


It was said that Zhen Longtao took people to cause trouble for Xu Xinduo but instead ran into Brother Xiong. In the end, Tong Yan personally went to the scene to save the day.


Moreover, Tong Yan also gave Xu Xinduo his helmet and motorcycle, and then the group went to dinner.
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