The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 59


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Zhen Longtao was one of the parties involved. Perhaps what he said was true.


Because of this, so many people came to watch.


In fact, if Zhen Longtao had only apologized to Xu Xinduo, the degree of attention would not be so high. However, when it came to Tong Yan, many people paid attention to him.


When Su Wei came out to chase Zhen Longtao away and Zhen Longtao mentioned Tong Yan’s name, the onlooker’s reaction was: ‘It’ was not in vain to come here.’


Who didn’t know that Su Wei and Tong Yan were inseparable, and the relationship between the two was very good?


Su Wei was just like a Tong Yan’s attendant but others needed to be polite when they saw him.


Su Wei frowned and looked at Zhen Longtao. However, his lips soon curled upward, “Will you be tired to death if you use your brain a little bit? I wonder if this is the right place to chase after a girl.”


He didn’t care after he finished speaking. He really went out with his basketball. It seemed that he didn’t want to talk to Zhen Longtao any more.


 Zhen Longtao stood at the door and thought for a while. He asked a person to put the flowers on Xu Xinduo’s desktop and then left.


By the time Xu Xinduo arrived, most of the onlookers had already dispersed and only a few people stood in the corridor pretending to chat. In fact, they wanted to see what reaction Xu Xinduo would have after seeing the flowers.


When Xu Xinduo came, she had a calm face. When she saw the flowers on the desk, she didn’t sit down.


Tong Yan sat on the seat, leaning against the back of the chair. His attention was on Xu Xinduo. He saw her staring at the flowers carefully for a long while. After that, she brought a stick and poked the flowers with it. Tong Yan couldn’t refrain himself from asking, “What are you doing?”


“Do you think there is a snake hidden in the flowers?”


Tong Yan was really amused by Xu Xinduo’s antics: “Looks like, Zhen Longtao is really sincere in chasing you.”


“He has a tendency to be abused?”


“No, it’s just that woman you have really caught his attention.”


Xu Xinduo really didn’t get it. She put the flowers in the trash can and then sat down to sort out her homework.


She was in bad shape yesterday and didn’t do much homework, so she decided to do her homework now.


The class representative arranged for early reading. Xu Xinduo followed the early reading while desperately doing her homework. Lou Xu suddenly called her and then hung up, which finally distracted her.


Lou Xu: I’m so angry! I just answered a question, but they quoted it out of context and made an issue out of it.


Lou Xu: Do you read the forum?


Lou Xu: Are you there?


Xu Xinduo: I’ll talk about it later. I am doing my homework.


Lou Xu: Ah, you have been ridiculed. Yet you are still busy in study.


Xu Xinduo looked at the mobile phone with a puzzled expression for a moment. However, seeing that the class representative had already started to collect homework, she ignored Lou Xu and continued to do her homework. The speed increased but her handwriting became more and more ugly.


After writing for a while, she placed another exercise booklet in front of Tong Yan and said: “Help me write this exercise booklet.”


The early reading was over. Although Xu Xinduo’s voice was not loud, many people still heard it.


Everyone looked back in shock, suspecting that they had heard it wrong.


Xu Xinduo asked Tong Yan to help her with her homework?!


Was she out of her mind?



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