The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 60


Edited By Msi

Everyone saw Tong Yan took Xu Xinduo’s exercise booklet and open it. At the same time, he also brought a pen. While helping Xu Xinduo with her homework, he asked, “Why didn’t you write so much?”


“I was in a bad mood.”


“Well, the reason is very good.”


The students of international class 4 felt that they have gone blind.


Not only Xu Xinduo was not afraid of Tong Yan, she even asked Tong Yan to help her with homework?!


The most outrageous thing was Tong Yan actually agreed?!


‘Have we gone insane?’


‘No, it must be an illusion.’


When the class was about to start, the class representative was going to hand over the homework to the teacher. Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan finished the homework and gave it to the class representative.


Xu Xinduo heaved a sigh of relief and shook her slightly sour hand. After that, she took out her phone to see Lou Xu’s message.


It turned out that Zhen Longtao’s post had not been deleted and was still there.


Someone responded gradually.


15th commenter: What’s the situation? Why is the post still there?


16th commenter: It is said that Tong Yan played the hero and saved the damsel in distress. It was Xu Xinduo who was saved. After that, the two people went to dinner.


17th commenter (Liu Yating): Nonsense, it’s completely impossible. It looks like someone is courting death by spreading rumors.


18th commenter: I advise you not to talk nonsense. It’s impossible for them to be together. Take a look at Xu Xinduo’s education, she grew up in the countryside, so I don’t expect her to have any skills. She probably didn’t even know a few piano pieces. Can Tong Yan like such a person? Moreover, her family and Tong Yan’s family do not match. The Tong family would not even accept a daughter-in-law from a family like the Mu family, let alone an adopted daughter?


27th commenter: @18th commenter, why are you even talking about marriage here? Boys are superficial. They only think of beauty! Maybe Xu Xinduo’s beautiful face and long legs are enough.


28th commenter: What’s the use of good looks? She has a humble background and she is also not very smart.


29th commenter: I asked Lou Xu. Lou Xu herself admitted that Xu Xinduo is not good at studies. She is a loser in their make-up class.


30th commenter: I’m a student from international class 4. To be honest, Tong Yan was helping Xu Xinduo with her homework just now.


31st commenter:


32nd commenter: Is there any evidence to prove it?


33rd commenter: WTF! Tong Yan is doing Xu Xinduo’s homework!!! Sure enough, the sewage will pollute the environment.


34th commenter: I have a premonition that Tong Yan will be led astray by Xu Xinduo.


35th commenter: It is recommended that someone tell Tong Yan’s mother about this. According to the character of Tong Yan’s mother, Xu Xinduo will disappear completely in a few days and roll back to the countryside.


36th commenter: Does anyone want to try a new game with me?


Xu Xinduo showed her phone to Tong Yan: “Why are they so free? Can’t they use this time to do something useful?”


Tong Yan glanced casually and replied: “What useful can they do? At home, they lie on the bed, use TikTok and laugh. They hardly move to drink some cola. When there is no sound in class, they just read the novel and go through the forum. These are the students of your so-called International school.”

(T/N: TikTok is an app for creating and sharing short videos.)

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