The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 61

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“How can they even talk this much?”


“Hadn’t Grandma Wang, Aunt Liu, and sister-in-law sit at Grandma Xu’s house all day long, precisely to gossip? How elegant they look? How much money does their son earn? In fact, gossip is just another human nature.”


Tong Yan sometimes didn’t really look like a Young Master. After swapping his body, he sat beside Grandma Xu and listened to her and her friend’s gossip with great interest. He even ate a handful of melon seeds from time to time.


So he especially understood the art of the gossip. It’s really interesting to listen to. The more unbelievable the gossip was, the more exciting it was.


“Why don’t you delete the post?” Xu Xinduo asked again.


“The post of Zhen Longtao’s apology must be kept for a few days so that everyone can see it.”


“For me?”




“Will it affect you?”


“Not really.”


Xu Xinduo did not ask anymore and responded to Lou Xu with WeChat: I just read the post and it is a little annoying.


Lou Xu: Wow, you are just slightly annoyed.  I was so angry when I read them mentioning your humble background. They were even saying that you have bad habits and you will soon lead Tong Yan astray.


Xu Xinduo: Why can’t he lead me astray?


Xu Xinduo could be initially regarded as a naive little girl. However, she was almost led astray after meeting Tong Yan.


In the end, Xu Xinduo changed Tong Yan’s image from a paranoid and grumpy teenager to what he was today. The result was really good. Now people were actually worried that he would be led astray by her?!


Irritating, really irritating!


Lou Xu: What are the images of the two of you? You kicked Zhen Longtao into the lake and you are still a mediocre student. Tong Yan is different. He is a good student. He has also participated in the piano competition to win glory for the country. In all aspects, he is a good boy and you are a bad girl.


Xu Xinduo: He has a tattoo!


Lou Xu: Everyone knows that his tattoo is to cover scars. Moreover, his tattoo has an inspirational story!


Xu Xinduo put down her mobile phone and looked at the person who sat next to her. He held his chin leaning on one hand. Looking at the sleepy Tong Yan, she really didn’t know what to say.


They even fabricated Tong Yan’s tattoo as a story. The story went like this. He once gave up practicing piano because of losing in a competition. However, he succeeded in pulling himself together after great difficulty. He especially got a tattoo to inspire himself and cheer himself up.


Very touching, wasn’t it?


In fact, Tong Yan just saw this tattoo in a TV show.


Xu Xinduo was still in her thoughts when she suddenly felt pain, she yesterday took medicine with an empty stomach.


She lay listlessly on the table, causing Tong Yan to turn his head to look at her. He saw that Xu Xinduo’s eyes were closed. He stared at her and then reached out to touch her fingertips.


Their hands were under the desk and they sat in the last row of the classroom. No one else noticed their movements in the classroom.


This was the first time Tong Yan actually touched Xu Xinduo’s body directly with his own body. It felt wonderful, familiar and strange.


Her hands were cold.


Xu Xinduo’s lips were pale.

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