The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 62

Edited By Msi

The slight frown on her face showed her discomfort at the moment.


Tong Yan touched Xu Xinduo’s forehead with his finger and said in a low voice, “Let’s swap.”


Xu Xinduo whispered: “It’s okay. I can hold on.”


“You will not be able to pay attention to class like this. I’m going to sleep anyway, so let’s swap.”


Xu Xinduo agreed and then two exchanged their bodies instantly.


Tong Yan whispered as soon as he entered Xu Xinduo’s body: “Dang! What have you done?”


“I had an empty stomach when I took painkillers yesterday…”


“An ordinary person really can’t bear to enter your body.”


If you take medicine, you would feel pain as your stomach would not be able to handle it.


If you don’t take medicine, you can’t bear the pain.


This body should be rebuilt. A little girl who was not even seventeen years old had such a bad body. How was that fair?


Speaking of it, Tong Yan cared more about Xu Xinduo than Grandma Xu.


It was precisely because Tong Yan knew how bad Xu Xinduo’s body was. He understood her and empathized with her. He knew how to take care of her.


Tong Yan used Xu Xinduo’s body to lie down on the table, but he couldn’t fall asleep because of backache.


Xu Xinduo listened to the class seriously with Tong Yan’s body. His body was twice as good as hers.


After class, Tong Yan took out the small packet in Xu Xinduo’s bag, which contained Xu Xinduo’s sanitary napkins.


He kept the packet, got up and walked out of class with great difficulty. When he headed to the toilet, he actually ran into Zhen Longtao.


Zhen Longtao was initially waiting for Xu Xinduo to come out. Seeing Xu Xinduo’s body, he naturally wants to greet her. Unfortunately, it was Tong Yan in Xu Xinduo’s body.


Tong Yan went to the left and Zhen Longtao took a step to block him.


Tong Yan went to the other side and Zhen Longtao shifted a step to block him again.


Tong Yan raised his head to look at Zhen Longtao and said, “Get lost!”


The moment ‘Xu Xinduo’ stared at Zhen Longtao, his face unexpectedly turned red. The originally overbearing man turned into a silly man. He said while stuttering, “I… I know you are angry with me so I came to apologize to you personally. I also want to tell you that I…I…I really like you now…”


Tong Yan suddenly felt he had nothing left to live for.


He really thought so…


Wei Lan teased him, and Zhen Longtao confessed to him. How did he encounter such situations?


“Let… me… go!” Tong Yan said word by word. The physical discomfort made him lose his good attitude. With ‘his’ beautiful but world-weary face, he really looked a bit imposing.


“Oh, I’ll help you carry things.” Zhen Longtao snatched the packet from Tong Yan’s hand. He mumbled while holding the thing, “What’s inside? It’s so light.”


“Sanitary napkins.”


“……” Zhen Longtao silently handed the packet back to Tong Yan and left.


Tong Yan took back the packet and walked toward the toilet aggressively. Just as he reached the door, he looked down at Xu Xinduo’s body before striding toward the women’s toilet.

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