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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 63

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Xu Xinduo was sitting in the classroom in Tong Yan’s body. The messages kept popping on Tong Yan’s phone.


Liu Yating: What is going on with you?


Liu Yating: Did your head get hit by something? Do you fancy an adopted daughter from the countryside? Can you tell me what is happening here?


Liu Yating: Don’t force me to tell auntie.


Liu Yating was Tong Yan’s childhood friend. Both of them were in the same school from kindergarten. The Liu family and the Tong family had a good relationship, so their friendship was not ordinary.


Liu Yating liked Tong Yan for many years.


In childhood, when they played house, Liu Yating always wanted to be Tong Yan’s bride. However, Tong Yan wasn’t happy. He was more willing to be a father or even a grandpa.


Later, when she became a bit older, Liu Yating always followed Tong Yan. Tong Yan also couldn’t do much.


Two years ago, Liu Yating confessed to Tong Yan.


Tong Yan refused directly without hesitation. In his opinion, he considered her more like a sister or just a friend.


However, Liu Yating didn’t give up and continued to pursue Tong Yan. Tong Yan was too annoyed to bother anymore.


After Tong Yan came back, Xu Xinduo gave him his mobile phone.


He reached for his mobile phone and looked at it. His mouth couldn’t help twitching and he typed a reply quickly. Then he left the mobile phone aside.


“Why bother me after I refused so many times? As soon as I say something to her, she will cry and look for my mother. I really don’t care anymore.” With that, Tong Yan moved the chair irritably.


Xu Xinduo took his mobile phone back and looked at the message. Tong Yan replied with just one sentence: Phoney, don’t bother me.


Xu Xinduo whispered: “She really likes you, right? My impression of her is not bad…”


“I hate stubborn people.”


“……” Xu Xinduo lowered her head to read the book. She didn’t speak anymore, but she started to bite the end of her pen subconsciously.


Tong Yan was such a person. If he didn’t like someone, then confessing to him would only bring about one’s own destruction.


Trying to get close to him would only make him fed up and feel disturbed.


He would refuse directly and even get a little irritable.


If you like him, you should hide it well. You can’t let him find out. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be friends anymore.


Wei Lan looked at his mobile phone and then turned to look at the two people behind him: “The Mu family is holding a birthday party on the same day as Brother Yan’s birthday. Many people will be struggling where to go. Duoduo, you are definitely going to attend the Mu family’s birthday party, right?”


Tong Yan and Mu Qingyi were born on the same day.


The two of them have the most fans in the school so every year there were some people who were worried about whose birthday party to attend.


The difference was that Mu Qingyao would invite many friends. Some fans who had a good relationship with Mu Qingyao could also attend the party and get to meet Mu Qingyi. However, this wasn’t the case for Tong Yan.


There were not many people who were qualified to go to Tong Yan’s birthday party. Many people were proud to be able to attend Tongyan’s birthday party.


There was also a social gap between the Mu family and the Tong family.


Every year, when Tong Yan celebrated his birthday, he only invited a small group of people to attend. He directly ignored the others. He also didn’t care who would have a birthday party on the same day as his birthday party.

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