The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 65

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Xu Xinduo was focused during class. She didn’t even notice the notification on the mobile phone. Tong Yan poked Xu Xinduo’s arm with his finger.


Xu Xinduo turned her head to look at him and saw him pointing at her mobile phone. She then took a look at the mobile phone and said: “It doesn’t matter.”


Tong Yan was angry again.


Every time Xu Xinduo behaved like this, he got angry.


He suddenly thought of tying his body to a chair and then exchanging bodies with Xu Xinduo, trapping Xu Xinduo there.


After that, he would use Xu Xinduo’s body to come over there and untie his body, than they would celebrate their birthday together.


Anyway, this birthday must be celebrated!


It must be extravagant!


Thinking up to this point, he was all fired up!


After Xu Xinduo returned home, she saw Mu Qingyi in the yard with a kettle in his hand. He seemed to be watering the plants.


After he saw her getting off the car, he stopped and said to Xu Xinduo: “I’ve called the fashion designers. They will measure your size and prepare your dress.”


Xu Xinduo stared at the kettle in Mu Qingyi’s hand and replied, “Well, good.”


“They have a catalogue. You can choose the style. If you have your own ideas, you can also let them know so that they can design it for you. However, this will take a long time which we don’t have. You can make a few changes to the original design so it wouldn’t take long. “


Xu Xinduo nodded.


Mu Qingyi looked very busy. He walked into the garden anxiously. After thinking about it, he stopped and said, “About birthday matters…I…I can explain it to you.”


“It’s nothing. I don’t care.” Xu Xinduo returned home after answering. However, she couldn’t help but laugh when she walked in.


She suddenly found this brother interesting.


Xu Xinduo had seen this kettle.


She once went to that indoor garden for a stroll. That kettle was always placed in the garden.


There was an automatic irrigation system in the Mu family’s garden, so there were not many flowers that needed to be watered manually. The pot carried by Mu Qingyi in his other hand was just a reserve and no one had touched it for many days.


Today, Mu Qingyi not only took it out but also carried it.


Mu Qingyi was actually waiting for her on purpose. In order not to make it obvious, he pretended to water the flowers.


At this point, she could finally conclude that when they first met, Mu Qingyi went upstairs again just after she went downstairs, specifically to come downstairs to see her.


When she was asked to choose a gift, the pink rabbit was also especially taken out by Mu Qingyi.


This man was peculiar.


After some time, fashion designers came to take her measurements. She sat on the sofa and looked at the catalogue.


The catalogue was divided into pages according to style. Dresses with a specific style would be grouped.


All the dresses liked by Xu Xinduo were black. They were simple and generous.


The designers advised her to choose dresses of two different styles so that they could be more varied and suitable for different occasions. They did not recommend Xu Xinduo to wear black at the birthday party.


After searching for a long time, Xu Xinduo chose a red one. This one didn’t have black colour and was very coquettish. Tong Yan would definitely like it.


After that, she hesitantly chose a pink one. It wasn’t that she liked pink, it was Granny Xu who liked it.

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