The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 66

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Just as she was choosing her next dress, Mu Qingyi walked past Xu Xinduo, seeming to be going to discuss the birthday party menu with the servant.


Five minutes later, Mu Qingyi walked by again and stopped a servant.


Xu Xinduo compromised after thinking about it and stopped Mu Qingyi: “Brother.”


Mu Qingyi immediately stopped and looked at Xu Xinduo, releasing his clenched fist.


Xu Xinduo held up the catalogue and showed him the dress she chose: “What do you think of this white one-shoulder dress?”


Mu Qingyi came over ‘reluctantly’ and glanced down at the catalogue. He found this dress very suitable for Xu Xinduo. After all, she was tall and had a good figure.


“Not bad.”


Xu Xinduo opened the new page and showed it to Mu Qingyi: “I also chose this one. It has a black skirt and…”


After the introduction, she clearly saw that Mu Qingyi was relieved as he said, “Pretty good.”


“Well, there are six in total. Is that all right?”


“No problem.”


“That’s it.”


Mu Qingyi nodded and left.


In fact, Mu Qingyi was worried that Xu Xinduo came from the countryside and she might have poor vision for clothes. She might choose some unusual designs and end up making a fool of herself at the birthday party.


From the looks of it, it seemed that Xu Xinduo’s choice was quite reliable. She would prefer her own choice and choose the clothes that were suitable for her.


After Mu Qingyi set the heart at ease, he stopped wandering in the living room and entered the dining hall to wait for others to have dinner.


Xu Xinduo watched Mu Qingyi leave and couldn’t help laughing. After taking photos of the dresses and their serial numbers in the catalogue, she sent the designer away.


When Xu Xinduo returned to the dining hall and was about to sit, she heard Mu Qingyi ask her, “I heard that you still have a boyfriend in your hometown?”




“When I was in my hometown, I had a lot of female friends.” Xu Xinduo pulled the chair back and sat down. She arranged the tableware and replied, “However, there are not many boys who have a good relationship with me.”


“That is to say; you don’t have a boyfriend?”




“Do you really have many female friends?” Mu Qingyi was a little skeptical. After all, girls with looks like Xu Xinduo were not readily accepted by other girls.


“Well, I protect them.”


The first impression Xu Xinduo gave to others was that she was someone who was not easy to get close to.


However, once you got familiar with her, you would be willing to get along with her.


Mu Qingyi heard about this boyfriend matter from Lu Renjia.


Lu Renjia seemed to be energized today. She kept talking bad things about Xu Xinduo in the make-up class.


For example, Xu Xinduo’s academic performance was very poor, she barely passed each subject but suddenly ran to the international class.


She also said that Xu Xinduo had a very bad attitude towards other people and was very rude. She was just an adopted daughter, but she was very arrogant


She even spread a little gossip: Xu Xinduo has a boyfriend in the countryside. He once sent a voice message to Xu Xinduo in the make-up class.


Mu Qingyi scolded Lu Renjia and told her to shut up.


However, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He wanted to verify it, so that next time, when someone said something like this, he could refute it with confidence.


“Big families don’t care about feelings like love.” Mu Qingyi added.

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