The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 67

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“Well, isn’t that person going on a date?”


Xu Xinduo was referring to Mu Qingyao. Mu Qingyao recently had an awkward relationship with her family so she was trying to stabilize her relationship with Shen Zhuhang. Today, she went on a date with him.


This time, targeting Xu Xinduo had a bad influence on Mu Qingyao’s relationship with Shen Zhuhang. She could only try to recover slowly.


“I just want to tell you that if you want to fall in love, you need to find a suitable candidate.”


“Brother.” Xu Xinduo called him suddenly.


Mu Qingyi was startled and looked at her strangely.


“If you like a girl, but the girl’s family status doesn’t match our family. Would you listen to the family or choose the girl you like?”


Mu Qingyi didn’t seem to have thought about this problem. He slightly frowned and said: “Noisy.”


After that, he ignored Xu Xinduo.


‘Oh, this man is a… little peculiar. It’s not easy to get along with him.’


Xu Xinduo stopped talking and continued to wait.


The last person who came downstairs was Mother Mu. Father Mu went to socialise and did not come home.


Mother Mu felt ashamed all this time. She had been asking Xu Xinduo what she liked to eat and what she couldn’t eat. Seeing that Xu Xinduo really didn’t like to talk while eating, she kept quiet, so did everyone else.


After eating, Xu Xinduo went back to the room to do her homework.


Mother Mu watched Xu Xinduo leave, and her expression became more and more sad.


Mu Qingyi looked at her and said, “Take it easy.”




Jiahua international school had a lot of hobby classes and there would be special cooking classes every other week.


In the last two classes on Wednesday afternoon, international class 3 and class 4 would be combined. Originally it was just a regular class, but today it was an exceptionally exciting day.


Many people knew that Tong Yan and Liu Yating of Class 3 were childhood sweethearts and that Liu Yating was one of the craziest pursuers of Tong Yan.


In the past few days, it had been rumored that Tong Yan was chasing Xu Xinduo. Moreover, Tong Yan didn’t delete or respond to any such post. His attitude was ambiguous, which made people wonder about it.


Furthermore, Xu Xinduo was very popular recently and Tong Yan had just returned to China from the All Asia Piano Competition. There were many gossips about both.


Zhen Longtao’s post was almost forgotten by everyone.


In fact, after Liu Yating confessed her love, Tong Yan stayed away from her. However, in Liu Yating’s view, she was already the girl who had the best relationship with Tong Yan. No one could match her.


Since she wasn’t successful, others didn’t even have a chance.


Xu Xinduo’s matter really stimulated her.


After entering the classroom, Liu Yating and several of her good friends gathered together to wait for the arrival of class 4 students.


The cooking class would be divided into groups of five people. Liu Yating’s group consisted of precisely five girls.


Girl 1: “I have seen Xu Xinduo from afar once. She didn’t seem much.”


Girl 2: “Yes, I don’t think her eyes are good-looking. Her eyes are dull and sleepy. She seemed to be a person who is particularly difficult to get along with.”


Liu Yating took a deep breath and looked up at the door. She wanted to see who Xu Xinduo was.


The bell rang and Xu Xinduo finally entered the classroom.


Xu Xinduo was at the front of the group. When she walked, she raised her chin slightly. She looked particularly beautiful with those natural Sanpaku eyes and indifferent face.


(T/N: You can read about Sanpaku eyes Here.)

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