The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 68

Edited By Msi

Tong Yan was walking behind Xu Xinduo, holding a cup of American coffee in his hand. He lowered his head and took a sip from time to time. His other hand was in the pocket of his school uniform pants.


Behind them were Wei Lan and Su Wei. Wei Lan held two cups of milk tea. Although his smile was frivolous, it did not affect his good looks. He looked around with a flirting gaze.


Su Wei looked at the classmate beside him and took the recipe which would be taught today.


When these four people came in, the cooking classroom became quiet instantly and everyone’s eyes fell on Xu Xinduo.


Liu Yating’s friends silently consoled her at this time.


After four people sat down, Wei Lan put a cup of milk tea in front of Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo looked at the recipe which contained cooking steps and sample pictures. After that, she showed it to Tong Yan: “it’s quite girlish.”


Tong Yan continued to drink his coffee. He was so sleepy that he replied vaguely, “Oh.”


After a while, Wei Lan’s deskmate came over to make up the five-person group. Obviously, Xu Xinduo was the only girl in their group of five.


After the class began, the cooking teacher would give them a demonstration and then the students would do it themselves.


Wei Lan felt that he needed to show Xu Xinduo his hard working side. He waved his hand and said, “You can help me, but I will do the cooking.”


Today’s recipe was not difficult. It’s just biscuits with some decorations on them.


Wei Lan put the softened butter, white sugar, and cream cheese into the bowl. While he did that, he explained to Xu Xinduo: “I have experience. Adding more cream cheese to biscuits can make them a bit salty.”


Su Wei suppressed his laughter and asked Xu Xinduo: “Do you know why Brother Lan (Wei Lan) likes salty food?”


Xu Xinduo looked at Su Wei and asked, “Why?”


“That’s because it tastes like the ocean, and why does he like the taste of the ocean? That’s because our Brother Lan is as unrestrained as the ocean!”


Just as Xu Xinduo was smiling hard, Tong Yan was trying his best to maintain a straight face.


Wei Lan suddenly brought a helmet and put it on. No one knew when he brought that. With a ‘professional’ and serious face, he turned on the egg beater and put it in the bowl. Everyone saw butter splash everywhere in the container.


Xu Xinduo knew Wei Lan well and didn’t react much. After all, it was not the first time she saw this scene. Just as she was watching Wei Lan pretend unperturbed, Wei Lan accidentally smashed the eggshell into the bowl. However, he acted as if nothing had happened and threw away the remaining eggshell.


Xu Xinduo couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to laugh out loud. However, she couldn’t do so as she was in class. In the end, she turned to face the wall and her shoulders trembled slightly as she suppressed her laugh.


Su Wei immediately took out his phone and started shooting a video of Wei Lan. He suppressed his laughter and said: “Brother Lan, you are looking so handsome!”


Tong Yan couldn’t help but roll his eyes. The corners of his mouth unknowingly curled upward slightly.

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