The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 69

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Next, Wei Lan added flour.


The moment the electric eggbeater was activated, Wei Lan immediately got surrounded by the ‘fog’.


This was Wei Lan’s unique skill.


Most people couldn’t do such a magnificent feat.


Xu Xinduo finally couldn’t stand it anymore and coaxed Wei Lan to leave: “Okay, leave it to me.”


As she said that, she went over and pushed Wei Lan aside. She looked at the mess on the table and could only say to Su Wei, “Su Wei, go and ask the teacher for another set of ingredients.”


Su Wei had gotten used to Xu Xinduo’s tone recently, so he immediately agreed and went to the teacher to ask for ingredients.


Xu Xinduo cleaned up the mess and said to Tong Yan, “Tong Yan, come over and wipe the desktop.”


The classroom was dead silent.


She actually asked Tong Yan to do it?!


Liu Yating’s eyes widened instantly when she heard it. She wasn’t even willing to speak out loud to Tong Yan, much less asking him to do work. However, Xu Xinduo actually called him? Tong Yan’s hands were for playing the piano, could he do these rough jobs?


Her eyes lost their focus for a moment when she saw Tong Yan really put down the coffee and took a rag to wipe the butter and flour on the table.


The onlookers who were secretly watching: “…”




Xu Xinduo often cooked at home. It was nothing new for a child from a poor family to cook. Moreover, she was just making biscuits. They were not difficult.


When she was stirring the butter, Liu Yating couldn’t sit still. She walked over and said: “Tong Yan.”


Tong Yan just finished wiping the desktop. He turned his head to look at Liu Yating and asked, “What?”


“I can’t understand this step in the recipe. Can you…”


Tong Yan’s mouth twitched: “It’s completely normal that you can’t understand. After all, not everyone has a brain.”


All the steps were written there. One could easily understand them if he had a brain. Didn’t it mean that you didn’t have a brain if you go asking others about it?


When Xu Xinduo saw Liu Yating getting embarrassed, she said: “Tong Yan, you should speak politely.”


“I am just telling a fact. If you read it twice more, you’ll understand it.” Tong Yan replied grimly.


Xu Xinduo gave Tong Yan a cold look before wiping her hands with her apron and walking to Liu Yating’s side. She also wiped the flour on Liu Yating’s cheek with the back of her hand, looked down at the recipe in her hand and asked, “Tell me which part you don’t understand.”


Liu Yating looked at Xu Xinduo approaching with astonishment. She immediately panicked and shouted at Xu Xinduo: “Who wants to ask you!”


Xu Xinduo always had a good impression of Liu Yating. It was the first time that she saw Liu Yating react so strongly. She raised her hand in embarrassment and subconsciously wanted to bite her nails.


As a result, her hand was caught by Liu Yating as she said: “How dirty!”


“Oh…” Xu Xinduo stopped immediately. She did this unconsciously and only reacted when she was told.


Liu Yating was so angry that she stomped her feet. ‘Why don’t you care about your love rival?!’


She naturally understood the recipe. She just wanted to use this as an excuse to talk to Tong Yan.


She reluctantly looked at Tong Yan, then at Xu Xinduo, and finally went away in a huff.


Xu Xinduo couldn’t care less about her and went back to continue making biscuits step by step.


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