The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Ridicule (3)

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Sasha & Larkspur

This little beauty was only suitable to appear on the screen. With just a smile at the camera, she could attract a bunch of fans and make them crazy for her.


Her presence in school was definitely an existence that could not be ignored.


Beauty like sunshine.


But… in the end, she was just a hick.


Shen Zhuhang despised her adopted daughter identity.


He pretended to be calm and said, “Are you Xu Xinduo?”


“Get down to business.” Tong Yan’s eyes looked down at Shen Zhuhang’s hands on the table. He wanted to get angry but told himself that this was Xu Xinduo’s body. He couldn’t get angry.


Otherwise, my Great Aunt will get angry again.


(T/N: Here “Great Aunt” is used for Xu Xinduo as a nickname.)


“I advise you to put away those ridiculous thoughts and not have those daydreams,” Shen Zhuhang chuckled and said coldly.


“What thoughts?” Tong Yan asked curiously.


“I do have a marriage contract with the Mu family but the marriage contract is with a genuine lady like Yaoyao, not some adoptive daughter like you. Seriously… are you really an adoptive daughter? Or…” Shen Zhuhang laughed evilly.


The Mu family suddenly received an adopted daughter who resembled the Mu family members. It was rumored that Xu Xinduo was the daughter of a mistress.


It was better to keep it under the table.


“Oh.” Tong Yan looked at Shen Zhuhang, wondering what this boy was going to do.


Shen Zhuhang was a classmate of his. His relationship with him was okay and Shen Zhuhang followed him as closely as possible.


In other words, Shen Zhuhang was one of his lackeys. It turned out that Shen Zhuhang had such a face which he hid behind his flattering side.


Shen Zhuhang once again mocked. “Oh? Didn’t you transfer to the international Class Four for me? Let me tell you, give up on your delusions. I’m not interested in a country bumpkin like you. You better get out of here. Otherwise, I won’t let you stay in this class.”


Tong Yan suddenly froze.


‘What the hell?’


‘Xu Xinduo transferred to this class for Shen Zhuhang?’


Seeing  Xu Xinduo’s silly expression, Shen Zhuhang had a moment of satisfaction.


Sure enough, this hick was frustrated?


‘If you had known this before…’


‘You won’t have any delusions now.’


Then he saw ‘Xu Xinduo’ suddenly laugh. She pointed her finger at him and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Do you see too many dramas?”


“What did you just say?”


“I was wondering what you were talking about! I fancy you? Do you think I like a fool like you? Or should I say someone like you who would be frightened after seeing a fight?”


Shen Zhuhang’s expression changed instantly.


How did she know about it? Did Mu Qingyao tell her?


Tong Yan continued to lower his voice and said, “Look out.”


A warning.


Shen Zhuhang became angry. He seized a point and repeatedly taunted. “You… what are you talking about?! What a shameless person you are! Your words are so unpleasant to hear. I look down on shameless people like you. Please give up!”


Tong Yan was a little angry.


‘I wonder if I can get angry.’


The mobile phone vibrated. He glanced at the mobile phone: It’s over. Let’s switch back?


He typed back: Fine, I was just about to hit someone.


Seeing that Xu Xinduo was ignoring him, Shen Zhuhang knocked on the table with his hand and said again, “I’m talking to you!”


Xu Xinduo who had just returned to her body looked up at Shen Zhuhang. She found him familiar but forgot who he was. She asked, “Hello, who are you?”
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