The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 70

Edited By Msi

When Xu Xinduo was adjusting the color of the blend, Tong Yan approached Xu Xinduo and whispered: “I am a little worried that Liu Yating will try to embarrass you. She has a very fiery temper.”


“She will not.”


“Why  do you always defend her?”


“She really likes you and won’t do things you don’t like. She doesn’t like me because of the false rumors. She thinks that I am not worthy of your friendship.”


Tong Yan stared at Xu Xinduo with a puzzled expression and couldn’t help but ask: “How are you going to deal with it?”


Xu Xinduo glanced at Wei Lan and continued to adjust the color of the blend.


Tong Yan walked to Wei Lan, who was removing the butter from his school uniform coat and said something about Liu Yating. After that, Wei Lan went to Liu Yating.


Wei Lan and Liu Yating were also familiar with each other. After all, they had been studying at Jiahua school together since they were young. He sat next to Liu Yating and sighed.


Liu Yating was in a bad mood. After seeing Wei Lan, she asked, “What’s wrong?”


“I am chasing her.” After saying that, he looked in the direction of Xu Xinduo and continued, “I knew that Zhen Longtao was going to find trouble with her on the weekend so I took Brother Yan with me. As a result, Brother Yan helped me by becoming the scapegoat.”


After hearing this, Liu Yating found the situation more reasonable and everything became clear at once.


She understands Wei Lan. He was frivolous and fickle. It’s normal for him to chase Xu Xinduo. After all, he was someone who only cared about beauty. Moreover, she was sure that he wouldn’t be dating for long as he was just fooling around.


“Tong Yan asked you to explain to me?” Liu Yating asked excitedly.


Wei Lan shook his head, helplessly. He was afraid that if he didn’t make things clear, she would misunderstand him. Wouldn’t it give false hopes to Liu Yating? This would only further torture Liu Yating.


He said, “No, no, brother Yan doesn’t care about these little things.”


Liu Yating was not reconciled, but she decided to drop this matter for now and asked anxiously: “Why didn’t you clarify this matter?”


“I’ll make a post in a while.”


“Don’t forget to delete the post which affected his reputation.”


“All right, all right. May I go back first, your highness?” Wei Lan smiled slyly at Liu Yating.


“Go away.”


Wei Lan left with a smile. After that, he took out his mobile phone and replied to Zhen Longtao’s post on the school forum to clarify the matter: It is me who is chasing Xu Xinduo and it has nothing to do with Tong Yan.


This was the safest way to clarify this matter. After all, Wei Lan was really molesting Xu Xinduo every day.


Moreover, Wei Lan once said that he would pursue Xu Xinduo seriously this time.


This was indeed the most reasonable.


After Wei Lan finished clarifying, the forum immediately got flooded with comments, all saying: Sure enough.


Tong Yan was chasing Xu Xinduo. What b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲?!


Xu Xinduo was still focused on her work.


The biscuits that she cooked were very pretty.


She was very attentive when she did the decoration. After finishing the decoration, the finished product appeared. She kept the biscuits into the small cardboard boxes provided by the school and returned back to her class.


When she passed by the Rocket Class, the Rocket Class students were doing self-study and there was no teacher to supervise.

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