The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 71

Edited By Msi

She stopped at the door of the Rocket class for a moment, causing a lot of students to look at her. When Lou Xu saw Xu Xinduo, she quickly came out and asked Xu Xinduo: “Are you looking for me?”


“Can you come out during class?”


“Class will be over in three minutes, so it’s fine.”


“I just made these biscuits in my cooking class. They are quite delicious. You can try them.”


Xu Xinduo handed Lou Xu a small cardboard box. There were not many biscuits in it, only five or six pieces. Just as biscuits came out of the oven, they were all divided by Wei Lan and others, leaving only these.


Lou Xu liked them very much, mainly because she felt that the biscuits looked pretty. She held the box with one hand and used the other hand to take pictures of the biscuits: “Duoduo gave it to me; I have to take a picture.”


It just so happened that the bell rang at this time, signifying the end of class. Students began to organize their things. Mu Qingyi noticed Xu Xinduo. He walked out of the classroom, approached two people and asked, “What are you doing?”


Xu Xinduo handed another box of biscuits to Mu Qingyi and said, “I made these biscuits by myself. You can try them.”


Mu Qingyi coldly replied, “I don’t like these.”


Although he said that, he reached out and took the box.


At this time, many people were eagerly looking at the two of them. Even the students in other classes had also heard about it. They came out of the classroom and looked over.


Mu Qingyi went overseas as an exchange student before. After returning to China, this was the first time that they saw Mu Qingyi and Xu Xinduo standing together. The feeling they gave standing together was… almost identical!


That’s right. Identical!


That was how siblings should look like.


Although twins of mixed sex were fraternal siblings, it was really rare for them to become like Mu Qingyi and Mu Qingyao. There was no resemblance at all.


Mu Qingyao’s appearance was considered to be above-average. It was neither stunning nor too beautiful. It was just between average and beautiful.


However, girls could use makeup to make full use of their strong points and avoid their weaknesses. After a little makeup, Mu Qingyao could get an overall score of six points.


Of course, Xu Xinduo could achieve nine points without makeup.


However, this difference wasn’t that apparent before…. Xu Xinduo appeared.


Now that they say Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyi together, only one thought entered their mind.


Isn’t that how true twins should look like?


At this time, a girl came over and greeted Xu Xinduo: “Hello, my name is Li Xinning. You can also call me Xinning!”


Xu Xinduo was a little surprised, but she still nodded politely: “Hello.”


Li Xinning said again: “I like you very much. You are even more beautiful than I thought. I heard Lou Xu say that you like skateboarding and are very good at it. How about I go with you next time when you skateboard? I want to learn to skateboard, but I’m not smart enough to do so by myself. I dare not ask schoolboys. It’s rare to meet girls who are good at skateboarding, but fortunately, I met you.”


“Oh…” Xu Xinduo did not immediately agree but cast a questioning glance at Lou Xu.


Lou Xu looked at Li Xinning and smiled. After that, she pushed Li Xinning back to the class: “Well, the class is going to start soon.”


When she left, she kept blinking at Xu Xinduo, indicating that she would explain everything to her later.

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