The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 72

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Mu Qingyi watched Lou Xu and Li Xinning go back to class while holding biscuits in his hand. After that, he said, “I’ll go back and pack my bag. You can go home.”


“Well, okay.”


Mu Qingyi returned to the classroom with biscuits and placed the box on his desk.


Shao Qinghe looked at the biscuits and asked: “Did Sister Duoduo give them?”


‘When did you change the way of addressing her?’


“Well.” Mu Qingyi continued to pack his school bag.


Shao Qinghe reached out, took a biscuit and put it in his mouth. While chewing, he said, “It’s delicious.”


Mu Qingyi paused. Seeing that there were only four biscuits left out of five, he immediately reached out and grabbed Shao Qinghe’s neck: “You spit it out for me now!”


Shao Qinghe’s movements came to a halt. He looked at Mu Qingyi innocently and asked, “Are you sure?”


Mu Qing also thought about it but gave up. He just took out a box from his desk, poured out the book Folder Bookmark inside, wiped the box with a wet towel, and put the biscuit into the bag after closing the lid.


After thinking about it, Mu Qingyi gave up. He just took out a box from the desk and poured out the (book) bookmarks from inside it. He then wiped the box with a towelette, put the biscuits in and closed the lid. He finally put the box in his bag.


Shao Qinghe watched Mu Qingyi’s behavior blankly as he swallowed the biscuit. He put on his bag and said: “I will directly ask her! Look how stingy you are.”


Mu Qingyi grabbed him quickly: “Don’t go.”




“She’s been targeted recently.”




It’s true that Tong Yan was popular, but Shao Qinghe wasn’t any less popular. Because Shao Qinghe was more gentle, his pursuers were dead set on him. Even if they were rejected, they were not going to give up easily.


If Shao Qinghe also went to meet Xu Xinduo, it would definitely attract more attention to Xu Xinduo.


Although Shao Qinghe agreed, he didn’t forget to exploit the opportunity, “Then give me another piece?”


“Go away.”


On the other side…


A girl walked up to Li Xinning’s side and mocked her: “Li Xinning, what are you going to do with that adopted daughter? Are you still thinking about attending Mu Qingyi’s birthday party after having a bad relationship with Mu Qingyao?”


Li Xinning didn’t care about the ridicule. She just smiled and said, “I just think she is very good-looking. She really resembles Mu Qingyi a lot, so I wanted to take a closer look.”


After speaking, Li Xinning turned back and asked Mu Qingyao: “Hey, Mu Qingyao, why did your sister give biscuits to only Lou Xu and Mu Qingyi, not you? Has she not forgiven you yet?”


Li Xinning was the current class flower of the Rockets class.


(T/N: ‘Flower’ referred to the most beautiful girl.)


Some people wanted to choose Li Xinning as the school flower, but because the previous school flowers were too excellent and Li Xinning couldn’t match them, no one supported this matter.


Li Xinning used to be friends with Mu Qingyao, but later she broke up with Mu Qingyao. Their relationship was bad to the point where they would start quarreling on every single disagreement.


Mu Qingyao was trying her best to hide her presence. She didn’t want others to notice her presence.


She was waiting for this matter to pass, but Li Xinning took the initiative to mention it again.


Looking at Li Xinning who was acting all friendly, Mu Qingyao wanted to curse out, but she restrained herself and answered casually: “She might… don’t like me too much.”

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