The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 73

Edited By Msi

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Mu Qingyao pretended to be regretful, but no guilt could be seen on her face.


Giving an explanation was the last thing she wanted to do. From the looks of it, it seemed that Xu Xinduo was ignoring her. In her opinion, it was Xu Xinduo who was narrow-minded and not magnanimous enough to forgive her.


Li Xinning sneered. After she finished packing her things, she walked up to Lou Xu and said: “Lou Xu, please help me meet Duoduo again. I want to get to know her better.”


Lou Xu was not stupid. She knew that Li Xinning was deliberately trying to make  Mu Qingyao angry, so she didn’t agree and just smiled dryly. She then grabbed a biscuit and quickly went back to her seat to pack up her things.


Just as she reached her desk, Shao Qinghe snatched the biscuit from her: “it’s really delicious.”


“You bandit?!”


“She can open a dessert shop with her cooking skills.”


Xu Xinduo went home first, and a little bit later Mu Qingyi decided to go home with Shao Qinghe.


As soon as Shao Qinghe entered the house, he smiled and said to Xu Xinduo: “Sister Duoduo, I want to eat some biscuits too.”


Xu Xinduo was surprised to see Shao Qinghe. She ignored the biscuit part and asked: “What did you just call me?”


“Sister Duoduo.”


Xu Xinduo was really uncomfortable with this nickname. She said with a frown: “I don’t like the way you are addressing me.”


“Your older brother is my younger brother. Doesn’t that make you my sister then?”


“You can just call me classmate Xu.”


“Okay, classmate Xu. I also want to eat some biscuits, the kind you made in school.”


Xu Xinduo stood in the living room, looking at the newly delivered boxes. These were all her newly bought daily necessities. At the same time, she replied: “I just made a little today. I will make more in the next cooking class.”


“Your brother was too stingy and didn’t give me any.” Shao Qinghe was a little bit coquettish when he was talking. After some time,  he muttered, “The biscuits I bought before are not as delicious as the ones you made. Maybe your style just fits my taste. Just like how I like to freeload in your brother’s car.”


Xu Xinduo looked at Shao Qinghe with a dumbfounded expression.


This man…. was a bit abnormal.


Mu Qingyi said coldly, “Don’t pay attention to him.”


Xu Xinduo immediately agreed: “Okay.”


Shao Qinghe looked at this pair of brother and sister helplessly. However, he still asked Xu Xinduo: “Do you need me to help you bring these boxes up to your ro..?”


Before he could finish, Mu Qingyi called a servant and asked him to bring these boxes up to the door of Xu Xinduo’s room.


When Shao Qinghe saw Mu Qingyi’s move, he took a deep breath. He approached Xu Xinduo again: “Classmate Xu, would you like to be my dance partner at the birthday party?”


“She doesn’t need it.” Mu Qingyi immediately interrupted.


Shao Qinghe didn’t look at Mu Qingyi and continued to ask, “Do you even know how to dance? If not, I can teach you. “


Mu Qingyi replied first again: “Our family can hire a teacher for her.”


Xu Xinduo looked at the two of them, raised her hand and motioned: “Why don’t you two talk alone first?”


Shao Qinghe was still smiling gently, not caring about Mu Qingyi at all: “We don’t need to care about him.”


Mu Qingyi once again interrupted and said, “Shao Qinghe, go home.”


While the two were still arguing, the doorbell rang. When the servant opened the door, Lou Xu immediately walked in and called out, “Duoduo!”


Her voice was very loud.


Xu Xinduo went to welcome Lou Xu and took her upstairs to her room. When they went upstairs, they also took the remaining small boxes in with them, ignoring the two boys.

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