The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 74

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The two boys stood in the living room and watched the girls leave. Then they looked at each other. Mu Qingyi finally asked, “Are you going home?”


Shao Qinghe said in a grieved tone: “I still want to freeload for a bit.”


“You are not welcomed.”




Mu Qingyi glared at Shao Qinghe for a while before giving up and instructing the servant to prepare an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks. Shao Qinghe wanted to eat at home.


After Lou Xu entered Xu Xinduo’s room, she couldn’t help but tsk-tsk twice: “This is a guest room, right? This bed and furniture are not like a girl’s room at all! After you moved here, didn’t you buy a new one?”


“It is much better than my hometown, and the furniture in this room is in line with the decoration of the whole house.”


“You should change everything in the room in the future. I know several good stores. The Mu family is not so stingy. You should let them change the furniture for you.”


Lou Xu sat down on the couch and explained to Xu Xinduo what happened today: “Li Xinning and Mu Qingyao are on bad terms.”


The whole incident was summarized in a single sentence, showing the bookworm’s demeanor.


After Xu Xinduo sat down, she asked, “Can you tell more about it?”


Lou Xu smiled and began to gossip with Xu Xinduo: “In fact, those two green teas have the ultimate feud. In the first year of high school, the two of them were really good friends. They gradually found out that each other was quite a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲. In the end, their friendship broke up. The reason seemed to be the fact that Li Xinning and Shen Zhuhang got a little too close to each other. They went to the movie theatre together without Mu Qingyao.”


(T/N: Green tea b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling.)


“He cheated on Mu Qingyao?”


“Li Xinning said she did it on purpose, mainly because Mu Qingyao seemed to have made a joke of her by telling her awkward incidents to everyone. Li Xinning wanted to get revenge, so she went to invite Shen Zhuhang for a movie. That scumbag man actually agreed.”


“How could she forgive Shen Zhuhang?” Xu Xinduo was very surprised.


“Shen Zhuhang explained that Li Xinning had just broken up and was very sad. She asked him to have a chat with her. The two of them didn’t know where to go, so they decided to go to the movie theatre. The reason why he went out with her was because of the good relationship between Mu Qingyao and Li Xinning. He was just taking care of his girlfriend’s friends!”


“……” Xu Xinduo didn’t know what to say.


Lou Xu continued to gossip: “Li Xinning is now pursuing Tong Yan. Two days ago, she met Lu Renjia and said a lot of bad things about you to her. Today, Wei Lan clarified everything by post, so she began to say that she likes you. When you listen to her, just think of her as an entertainer. You don’t have to take her words to heart or be friends with her. Otherwise, your life will be full of colors with all sorts of small surprises awaiting you.”


“Okay, I see.” After Xu Xinduo finished saying, she pointed at Shao Qinghe downstairs and asked, “How about Shao Qinghe? Why did he suddenly come to ask me for biscuits? I have never talked to him before.”


Xu Xinduo and Shao Qinghe were really unfamiliar with each other.


She was not the type of person who would go around to become an acquaintance with everyone. Only when she really felt that the other party was a good person, would she get close to him or her.

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