The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 75

Edited By Adrian & Msi

Xu Xinduo always thought that Shao Qinghe was someone shrewd. They did not have much contact with each other, but he suddenly approached her. It was really strange.


She even felt somewhat repulsed.


“Shao Qinghe is a perfect guy. He cares about people and is quite gentle. I have a good impression of him. If his character was bad, your brother would not have become friends with him. Your brother is pretty smart.”


“I just think it’s weird. We are obviously unfamiliar…”


“You should just get acquainted with him slowly. He has such a good relationship with your brother. You will definitely interact with him more in the future. He’s also trying to be friends with you. Besides, don’t you think Shao Qinghe is particularly handsome? He gives off the feeling of a gentle spring breeze.”




“During the high school sports day, Shao Qinghe wore Hanfu. He looked very handsome in an ancient costume, looked like the graceful son of nobility. The whole school went into a frenzy!” Lou Xu said while looking for photos on her phone to show to Xu Xinduo.


“What about Mu Qingyi?”


“He is the host, the kind who announces the results. As the freshman representative of the first year of high school, he gave a speech in front of the whole school at the opening ceremony. He immediately was chosen as a school grass. There are more stories about it.”


(T/N: ‘School grass’ means one of the most handsome boys.)


Lou Xu took off her slippers, hugged her knees and continued to gossip with Xu Xinduo: “When the first year of high school started, Mu Qingyi became the school grass. Everyone felt that Mu Qingyi was already a rarely seen handsome boy. However, this was not the case. After a while, two more came. One was Tong Yan, who went to participate in a concert at the beginning of the school year. He failed to come to school on time because of a solo show. The other was Shao Qinghe.”


“Why did Shao Qinghe come late?”


“He was in poor health and had been hospitalized for a long time. He only came to the school after a month.”


“What disease?”


“All kinds of diseases. I often see him taking medicine in the classroom. He has many kinds of diseases, but I don’t know what specific diseases they are.”


Xu Xinduo didn’t ask any more questions. She planned to chat with Lou Xu for a while. However, Lou Xu suddenly rushed to her and persuaded patiently: “Duoduo, you should study harder. At least try your best to improve yourself, OK? Don’t score too low. I feel upset when I hear people say that you are dumb.”


“In fact, I study very hard.” Xu Xinduo tried to explain to Lou Xu.


“Well, you think I don’t know? I attended the cram school with you. I watch you all the time during class!”


Xu Xinduo: (・_・)


Xu Xinduo chose not to disclose her stomach problem and her secret of swapping bodies with Tong Yan.


After that, Xu Xinduo studied earnestly under the supervision of Lou Xu. She couldn’t even look at her mobile phone. She also didn’t eat dinner with Mu Qingyi and others.




October 29 was Xu Xinduo’s birthday.


On the night of October 28, when Xu Xinduo stayed in her room to do her homework, she received a call from Tong Yan. After connecting, she heard Tong Yan say, “I am by the road near your home.”


Xu Xinduo was taken aback. She immediately went to the balcony and looked out but did not see where Tong Yan was, so she replied, “I can’t see you. Where are you?”

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