The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 76

Edited By Adrian & Msi

As soon as she finished saying, she saw a light flash behind the bushes. It flashed twice before turning off.


Xu Xinduo was shocked and asked in surprise, “How did you get in?”


It was very difficult to get into their community. Tong Yan didn’t live here, so how did he get in?


“Oh, in order to make it easier for me to contact you, I bought a house in this community.”


“Well, that’s quite like you.”


“Come down quickly. I will take you to a place.”




“Come down; I am not a patient person.”


After Xu Xinduo hung up the phone, she quickly changed her dress and then jumped down directly from the balcony.


Her room was on the third floor. After jumping down, she was on the roof of the second floor. She then jumped down from the second floor to the first floor. Tong Yan was shocked when he saw it and wanted to come over to help. However, before he could do anything, Xu Xinduo had already landed on the ground.


Wearing a thin coat, Xu Xinduo quickly ran to Tong Yan. Tong Yan couldn’t help asking, “Are you a tiger? Jumping off the building.”


“I couldn’t walk through the front door. Otherwise, Mu Qingyao would make an issue out of it.”


Tong Yan gave a bike helmet to Xu Xinduo and patted the back seat of his bike: “Come on.”


“Have you changed your bike?”


“I have a lot of bikes. You don’t know about them.”


“Don’t you like the Devil King the most?”


“Don’t be so wordy. Hold on tight.”




Xu Xinduo sat behind Tong Yan and looked at Tong Yan’s back. She hesitated for a moment before stretching out her hands to grab Tong Yan’s waist.


She was very familiar with Tong Yan’s body. She had bathed, ate, slept in that body.


However, it was her first time holding it with her own body.


Tong Yan’s character was very fussy and the only person he could get used to was Xu Xinduo. He was not afraid of heaven and earth, but only this ‘little demoness’.


Although the relationship between the two people was somewhat strange, they were close childhood friends who grew up together. Naturally, their relationship was rock-solid.


It was the first time that he was riding a bike with Xu Xinduo, so he deliberately slowed down his speed. The bike steadily drove out of the community.


*On the other side*


Shao Qinghe originally came to help Mu Qingyi. They thought of celebrating Xu Xinduo’s birthday alone after midnight. He wanted to make it up to her.


However, Xu Xinduo appeared in the yard before the venue was ready.


Mu Qingyi and Shao Qinghe turned off the lights almost simultaneously. They stood by the glass and watched Xu Xinduo run toward Tong Yan, and then leave with him.


It seemed that… their relationship was quite close.


“Tong Yan is really chasing Sister Duoduo!?” Shao Qinghe put aside what he was holding and prepared to go out.


“The two of them are unsuitable for each other.”


“They are quite suitable. One is about  1.7 meters while the other one is about 1.8 meters, nearly reaching 1.9 meters. They look like a good match standing together.”


Mu Qingyi pursed his lips and went out without saying anything.


Shao Qinghe didn’t stay there too. After leaving the garden, he went home. He knew that Mu Qingyi would not accompany him anymore today.

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