The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 77

Edited By Adrian & Msi

*At the Tong family villa*


The butler of the Tong family went into the study room and bowed to the lady sitting inside. Then he said, “The young master went to the Mu family villa and then picked up the Mu family’s adopted daughter.”


Yin Hua was reading the script. Even after hearing the report, she didn’t raise her head and asked, “Does he want to spend his birthday alone with that girl?”


A few days ago, Tong Yan made arrangements for a small birthday celebration, but he didn’t notify anyone about it, which was very strange.


When Yin Hua came to know about this matter, she sent the butler to help her keep an eye on him. Today, Tong Yan finally took some action.


“No, there was also an old woman.”


Yin Hua finally raised her head to look at the butler and asked curiously, “Old woman?”


“The grandmother who raised that adopted daughter.”


Tong Yan found a beautiful girl to celebrate alone with. Yin Hua could understand that. After all, he would only be 17 years old after today. He was still young and ignorant.


However, why was he bringing an old woman to the celebration?


She thought for a while and asked: “When is that girl’s birthday?”


“October 30.”


“How did they get to know each other?”


“The girl is a transfer student and she is currently the young master’s deskmate.”


“How long have they known each other?”


“They only met after the young master returned to China.”


Yin Hua put down the script and walked over to take the tablet from the butler’s hand. She looked at photos of Xu Xinduo, which were all secretly taken by someone. The photos were not very clear.


After she zoomed in on the photo, she saw that Xu Xinduo had a subconscious action of biting her nails…


Yin Hua put the tablet on her desktop and asked: “What was the name on the gift Tong Yan brought abroad. Wasn’t it named something like Duo?”


“Yes, the girl’s name is Xu Xinduo.”


“However, they didn’t know each other at that time, right?”


The butler could not answer.


Yin Hua said again: “Continue to observe the two of them. I want a video. It would be best if it captures all their behaviors and habits.”


“OK.” The butler immediately left the study.


Yin Hua sat back on her chair and took the tablet to look at Xu Xinduo’s photo again. She zoomed in and looked at Xu Xinduo’s face quietly. She couldn’t help scratch her chin.


‘This face could be popular in the entertainment industry…’




Tong Yan took Xu Xinduo to an apartment in the city center. He swiped his card to enter the building and led Xu Xinduo to the elevator.


While waiting for the elevator, Tong Yan also met some familiar people, a man and a woman. Tong Yan nodded to the man but said nothing.


The woman looked at them with a probing gaze and then whispered to the man next to her: “Is someone else living in this building?”


“Well, I sold one floor.”


The four people entered the elevator together. No one spoke during the whole process. It was not until Tong Yan took Xu Xinduo out of the elevator that he whispered to Xu Xinduo: “The man we just met belongs to the Yin family. He seems to be Yin Shaochen.”


There were two chaebols in the business circle. One was the Tong family, while the other was the Yin family.


Tong Yan and that man knew each other. After all, they often met on some social occasions.

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