The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 78

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Tong Yan would be the heir to the Tong family in the future, but he was not very sociable. He had never talked to these people so far. Moreover, he didn’t want to take over the family business, which was a big headache for his father.


“Is he the original owner of this apartment?” Xu Xinduo heard the conversation between the two people just now.


“I asked the butler to buy an apartment as I don’t know how to. Maybe he was the original owner.” Tong Yan walked to the door to set up the fingerprint entry code for Xu Xinduo and said at the same time, “There is also a kid from the Yin family who is in the first year of our high school. He always sticks his nose in my business, which is very annoying.”


“Yin Shaosu?”


“Yes, that’s him.”


“I had a fight with him once (when she was in Tong Yan’s body).”


Only then did Tong Yan react. He wanted to understand why Yin Shaosu always challenged him. Was Xu Xinduo the reason for this?


“You two fought?” Tong Yan asked, sounding surprised as he had no idea about it.


“I just beated him up once. Did I need to report it to you?”


“No, no…” Tong Yan immediately waved his hand. “I just want to ask: Did you win?”


“Ofcourse, I won.”


“That’s fine then. I will just beat him again.”


After the fingerprint was scanned, Tong Yan also told Xu Xinduo the password and led her through the door. At the same time, he exclaimed: “You rarely cause trouble, so why did you fight him?”


“He doesn’t respect girls.”


“Oh, I see.”


When Xu Xinduo entered the apartment, she felt that it was impossible for people to stay here. The entire apartment was filled with snacks of all kinds of flavors. They were piled up everywhere.


She looked at the house, then turned to look at Tong Yan and asked, “What’s going on here?”


“It’s a present.”


“These snacks?” Xu Xinduo asked, pointing at the ground.


“This apartment.” Tong Yan answered, pointing at the roof.


The apartment that Tong Yan bought was one large flat floor in the building. Originally you would enter the apartment just after getting off the elevator. However, Tong Yan thought that it was a bad idea for a girl who lived in such an apartment, so he made the hall and added a lock.


After entering the apartment, there was a hall. From here on, the whole place had been filled full of snacks.


Fortunately, a path was opened through the snacks, allowing her to pass through the snacks to enter the room.


When she entered the living room, she saw that balloons were floating around the room with a small box tied to each balloon.


The walls were also decorated with birthday balloons and flowers, making the large apartment look completely full.


Tong Yan bought a well-decorated apartment. After doing some cleaning and soft decoration, she could move in.


The overall style of the place was mainly made to look clean and neat, with a colour pallet focusing on shades of whites. The decoration style and furnishing were also simple. After Xu Xinduo walked in, she saw a french window in the living room, she paused for a moment before quickly running over. She opened the glass door and walked onto the balcony to see the night’s sky.


This location of the apartment was considered to be one of the best locations to see the cityscape at night. Seeing the bright lights off in the distance, caused Xu Xinduo’s heart to tremble.


Tong Yan introduced Xu Xinduo to the area: “There is a shopping mall opposite to this building and the traffic is not too bad here. Moreover, it is pretty close to the hospital. There is also a natural lake nearby and it looks quite beautiful. You can move here and take care of grandma whenever you want. We will hire a few nurses to take care of her. So when you go to school, you don’t have to worry about grandma’s health. Someone will take care of her.”

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  1. Yuraine

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