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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 79

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Xu Xinduo really liked this place. However, she knew that she couldn’t take Tong Yan’s things like this.


She left the balcony and entered the living room, “I can’t owe you this much.”


“What owing? I am giving it to you on my own initiative. Look at this apartment; it is full of snacks that you like. Your bedroom is also full of sweets. Most importantly, there are medicines on the nightstand that you can take when you’re not feeling well.”


Xu Xinduo stared at Tong Yan quietly. After a long time, she lowered her eyes and said, “Tong Yan…I don’t want to develop a relationship with you just to get benefits… Am I a blood sucker?”


(T/N: “Blood sucker” means someone who leeches off the others.)


Tong Yan had already thought that Xu Xinduo would not accept it. The biggest gift this little girl had ever accepted from him was unexpectedly when she needed helping buy sanitary pads for several years…


“If you are wronged by the Mu family, you can come here to live. You can use this place as your trump card. It’s your confidence. If you break relations with them, you won’t be homeless.” That was the only thing Tong Yan could say. After that, he gave Xu Xinduo an elevator card.


Xu Xinduo looked at the elevator card and hesitated for a while before reaching out to take it: “Okay, I will come here to eat snacks from time to time.”


“If you are afraid of getting fat, you can eat them with my body.” Tong Yan reached out his hand to rub Xu Xinduo’s head. However, Xu Xinduo leaned her body back to avoid it.




Tong Yan walked towards a guest room and said to Xu Xinduo, “I’ll wake grandma up.”


Xu Xinduo quickly ran over: “Did you pick up, grandma?”




“Not on your motorcycle, right?”


“Motorcycle?!” Tong Yan was stunned by the hole in Xu Xinduo’s brain .


After knocking on the door for a while, Grandma Xu opened the door and walked out. She looked at Xu Xinduo with a smile: “Duoduo is here.”


Xu Xinduo immediately reached out to help Grandma Xu: “How have you been doing recently?”


“It’s all perfect. I can eat well and live well, but there’s nothing to do. Fortunately, I will be able to learn calligraphy with you two.” Granny Xu walked out and explained to Xu Xinduo, “I’m old and can’t stay up late. I’ll go to sleep for a bit and give you your birthday present after midnight.”


Tong Yan moved aside, took a bag of snacks and tore it open. While eating potato chips, he said to Xu Xinduo: “I wanted to hold a huge birthday party, but then I thought that you might not like it, so I just gave up on that idea. In the end, I decided to bring grandma over, so three of us can spend some time together.”


Grandma Xu followed: “The two  of us made a birthday cake for you.”


With that, she took Xu Xinduo to the kitchen.


While walking, Tong Yan came over to Xu Xinduo’s side and whispered: “I told grandma that this is a rented venue. She may…not be able to accept this kind of luxury all at once.”


Xu Xinduo nodded: “I also think so.”


When they entered the kitchen, Xu Xinduo was stunned when she saw the cake.


Tong Yan continued: “I told grandma to just buy a cake, but she was confident that she could make several kinds of cakes. Look at this cake. It’s a cake made out of cornflour. I wanted to hollow out the middle section and fill it with cream. However, grandma disagreed and said it was not affordable. In the end, I put a layer of cream and two strawberries on it.”


Xu Xinduo was utterly dumbfounded when she saw the cake.

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