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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 80

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan said: “Look at this delicate and smooth Jujube Cake, it’s so good. The Jujubes were brought by grandma from the village. We have also made some decorations on the top of the Jujube cake.”


Xu Xinduo looked at the Jujube cake coated with cream and the words ‘Happy 17th birthday’ written on the top of it. She smiled, but her eyes unknowingly turned red.


She didn’t want much.


She just wanted to stay with the people she cared about, no matter how ordinary they were.


Something grand may not necessarily move Xu Xinduo. However, she would remember the small details for a long time.


Her life was really bland in the past few years. There were only two people she cared about. One was Grandma Xu while the other was Tong Yan.


Now, when she looked at the cake carefully prepared for her by these two people, although it was not the best-looking cake, her heart felt warm.


She looked at the cake for a while, then sat at the table and asked: “Are there any candles? I want to make a wish.”


Tong Yan took out the candles and muttered: “I don’t know if they can stand on top of the cake. Let me try.”


He forcibly inserted two candles, but they looked like they could fall at any moment. Xu Xinduo quickly closed her eyes and made a wish.


Tong Yan and Grandma Xu were watching her attentively. After Xu Xinduo blew out the candles, Tong Yan leaned on the table and asked, “What was your wish?”


“I hoped that you could pass the exam by yourself.”




At this moment, Xu Xinduo suddenly heard a sound. She immediately got up and followed the direction of the sound. When she opened the room’s door, she saw a rooster and an old hen inside.


When Xu Xinduo saw them, she remained silent for the full three minutes. All of the previous sentimental moments disappeared.


Tong Yan stood aside and explained: “This apartment has six rooms. There will be only the three of us living here, so I bought these. We can slaughter them and eat meat when they grow up. Take a look, how nice that rooster looks. Didn’t Grandma Xu always envy the neighbor’s rooster? Grandma will be very happy to see this rooster.”


Xu Xinduo took a deep breath and entered the room. She caught the rooster, lifted it by its wings and said, “Let’s eat it.”

(T/N: Ji Ji means rooster in Chinese and Xiao Ji Ji means d*ck in Chinese. However, netizens sometimes uses Ji Ji as Xiao Ji Ji to avoid censorship.)

“Huh? Eat it now?”


“Well, is there a knife here?”


“Yes, yes…” Tong Yan took a deep breath after answering. He didn’t know why but he suddenly felt sorry for that rooster.


Xu Xinduo carried the rooster with one hand and walked toward the kitchen majestically. After a while, she picked up the knife and dropped it. After cleaning it up, she started to make chicken soup.


Tong Yan watched this scene silently, thinking that a woman who could kill a chicken without blinking an eye mustn’t be offended.


Then Grandma Xu cut a piece of the Jujube cake for Tong Yan to eat. Tong Yan was not polite at all. While Xu Xinduo stewed the chicken, Tong Yan and Grandma Xu ate ‘cake’ together.


While cooking, Xu Xinduo picked up her mobile phone and saw a message from Mu Qingyi: ‘Don’t spend the whole night out and come back early.’


Xu Xinduo was shocked when she read this message and quickly replied: ‘Ah, ok.’

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