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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 81

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Mu Qingyi already knew about everything so she couldn’t play dumb.


Mu Qingyi: The birthday party will start at 7 o’clock in the evening. The other students will come after school. It would be better if you prepare a dress in advance and put it in the room.


Xu Xinduo: OK.


Xu Xinduo turned around and told Tong Yan about the messages. Tong Yan waved his hand: “Don’t worry about him.”


Seeing that it was already 12 o’clock, Tong Yan said to Grandma Xu: “Grandma, you should eat some cake.”


After saying that, he took Xu Xinduo out of the room and went to the balcony. Tong Yan turned on the speaker and played a romantic tune.


The lights on the balcony were dim, but it was still possible to see all of the flower decorations around the balcony. There were a few Fragrance Lamps hidden in the flower decorations, spreading a wonderful aroma. The balcony looked dreamy and girlish.


Tong Yan reached out to Xu Xinduo and invited her to dance. Xu Xinduo did not hesitate and held onto Tong Yan’s hand.


They had decided a while ago that they would dance together on Xu Xinduo’s birthday.


Both of them had taken dance lessons. Unfortunately, they only learned men’s dancing postures. Xu Xinduo was not used to being Tong Yan’s dance partner.


As soons as the two of them had just started to dance, Xu Xinduo suddenly wrapped her arm around Tong Yan’s waist and then made Tong Yan lean over.


Tong Yan’s expression collapsed after being controlled by Xu Xinduo. He stopped dancing, took a few steps back and then reminded Xu Xinduo angrily: “You are meant to take the girl role! You are the girl!”


Xu Xinduo could only apologize: “Sorry, I’m not used to it.”


Tong Yan walked over to her and stretched out his hand and pulled Xu Xinduo toward himself. However, she fell directly into his arms due to her inertia.


When she raised her head and their eyes met, Xu Xinduo became flustered for a moment.


Tong Yan was finally satisfied and smiled cunningly. Without giving Xu Xinduo time to react, he immediately started to dance with her. Although their dance was not perfect, it had its own charm.


After dancing for awhile, Tong Yan said to Xu Xinduo, “Happy birthday.”


Xu Xinduo secretly clenched her fist with which she held Tong Yan’s hand. She felt that the palm of her hand seemed to have a similar temperature as Tong Yan’s palm. She then replied, “Happy birthday.”


After that they went back inside, and asked Grandma Xu if she wanted to rest for a bit. Tong Yan planned to send a car to take her back to the nursing home tomorrow.


Xu Xinduo kept looking at the chicken soup and turned off the heat only when it was almost done. They sat together for a while to drink some of the soup and eat the cake made by Grandma Xu and Tong Yan. After they finished eating, Xu Xinduo put the rest of the chicken soup in a thermos flask to take home.


Tong Yan decided to send Xu Xinduo to the Mu estate. In order to make sure that no one saw them, Tong Yan deliberately stopped a little distance away.


After getting off the bike, she urged: “Be careful when you go back. It’s so late and you look tired. Please drive safely.”


“I’m a night owl, so I don’t sleep much at this time.” Tong Yan took out a box from his pocket and gave it to Xu Xinduo, “Your birthday present.”


“Didn’t you give me one already?”


“I knew you wouldn’t want it so I am giving it now. If you don’t accept it, I will not be friends anymore.”


Xu Xinduo accepted the small box and then whispered: “I have also prepared a gift for you. I will give it to you when the school is over.”


“Well, okay. Don’t tell me what it is, otherwise I will be sad, I love  surprises. Don’t open my gift until you are home.”



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