The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 82

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Xu Xinduo was holding several things as she walked towards the Mu family house. She found that the light was still on in the living room of the Mu family. When she opened the door, she saw Mu Qingyi sitting in the living room reading.


There was no one else in the living room and it seemed like Mu Qingyi was trying to keep himself awake.


When Mu Qingyi saw Xu Xinduo coming in, he got up and walked over. He stood in front of Xu Xinduo: “It would be better if you don’t come home so late.”


“I’ll pay better attention next time.” After saying that, Xu Xinduo handed the flask to Mu Qingyi. “This is chicken soup I cooked myself. Do you want to drink some?”


Mu Qingyi reached out and took it. After taking a look at the flask, he asked in surprise, “You went out late at night… to cook?!”


“Someone gave me a rooster for my birthday so I killed it and stewed it.”


“You even killed the chicken?! Is this really what girls should do?”


Xu Xinduo looked at Mu Qingyi strangely: “Why are you so angry that I killed a chicken? Are you secretly a chicken?”


“…” Mu Qingyi almost choked when he heard that.


Xu Xinduo didn’t stay any longer and was about to go upstairs to return to her room, but was stopped by Mu Qingyi: “Here, take this.”


Xu Xinduo looked back and saw Mu Qingyi holding out a small box without lifting his head.


She reached for it and asked, “Birthday present?”




“Can my chicken soup be regarded as your birthday present?”


“You can.”


“That’s not good.” After pondering about it, Xu Xinduo began to think about what to gift Mu Qingyi. He didn’t lack anything.


Only then did Mu Qingyi look back at Xu Xinduo: “You and him are not suitable.”


Xu Xinduo’s expression gradually became serious and then she calmly said to Mu Qingyi: “He is more important to me than you are.”


Xu Xinduo came to the Mu family villa and became ‘family’ with them for the sake of Tong Yan and Grandma Xu.


Xu Xinduo could also abandon this family for the sake of Tong Yan.


Tong Yan was much more important than the Mu family.


In her heart, he was one of the most precious people in the world.


Mu Qingyi felt a bit lost. He finally understood Xu Xinduo’s mood. This family really didn’t give Xu Xinduo any warmth.


Then he added: “If you like it, I can help you figure out a solution.”


“Don’t worry, he doesn’t like me.” Xu Xinduo took the gift and went upstairs, returning to her room.


When she returned to her room, she opened up the box that Tong Yan gave her first. Inside was a watch and a small card.


It was a custom made watch. It’s dial was the galaxy in the night sky. Shining stars were circling around the edges. The watch was so beautiful that Xu Xinduo kept staring at it for a long time. She liked it a lot.


She then opened Mu Qingyi’s gift. It was a set of jewelry which seemed to match her one-shoulder dress.


She put the watch on her wrist. She was so happy that she decided to sleep while wearing it.

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        “Why are you so angry that I killed a chicken? Are you secretly a chicken?”

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    😂😂when she said that “more than you ” part ,im like ,yep two dense idiots who keep not understanding the other perfectly despite all that bodyswapping.

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