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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 83

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*Next morning*


Not long after Xu Xinduo entered the class, the class representative came over to her and wanted to talk about the average performance score of the class.


The exams of the international class were different from that of the ordinary class. The school used ‘Computer based scoring method’ to check the performance of a student. It would roughly calculate their performance by examining their exam scores, daily performance points (including attendance), and bonus points.


Just as the name suggested, exam scores were based on marks obtained in exams. The school held six exams each academic year, three exams per semester. Their exam time was also different from ordinary classes.


The daily performance points depended on their behaviour and attendance in class. It was decided by the class teacher.


Bonus points were obtained by participating in the extra curricular activities. For example, since Tong Yan participated in an international competition, his bonus points would be at least 80 points.


Since Xu Xinduo transferred from another school in the middle of the term, she had already missed the first few exams, causing her performance points to lag far behind the others. It was not good for Xu Xinduo’s end of year assessment.


If Xu Xinduo’s final scores were too low, she would lower the average performance score of the whole class.


Tong Yan was one of the students who raised the average performance score of the Class 4. He always obtained the highest exam scores. On top of that, the teacher would also give him high daily performance points. Moreover, he would frequently participate in competitions. Therefore, his end of year assessment score was 391 points higher than second place.


However, Xu Xinduo’s missing exam scores were the biggest problem. When calculating the average performance score, it didn’t matter whether Xu Xinduo took the test or not.


Therefore, the class representative was sent to discuss the problem with Xu Xinduo. The class teacher wanted Xu Xinduo to participate in several competitions and gave Xu Xinduo a list of them.


There were tea competitions, basketball, tennis and so on. The class representative even wrote down the bonus points for each activity on the list.


Xu Xinduo took the list and felt tangled. Then she said, “Okay, let me have a look.”


“You can also take part in the exams of the ordinary ordinary class.”


“Ah, really?!” Xu Xinduo didn’t know about this as she didn’t participate in it last year.


“Some of the previous graduates of international school did this. In fact, they took both courses and were admitted into BGI Group. Later on, this learning method was also fully adopted by the school and students of the international class can also take ordinary classes. The exam marks of the ordinary class would be included in the total score, but they will only be worth half the points. However, it is already quite good. Haven’t you taken the ordinary school courses before?”


It was an eye opener for Xu Xinduo. She sighed, “So it can also be done like this?”


“Yes, it’s just that very few students take the exam like this. After all, they haven’t attended ordinary classes. However, you’ve just transferred so it should be fine for you.”


Xu Xinduo nodded: “Okay, I see. When are the exams of ordinary classes going to be held?”

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