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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 84

Edited By Adrian

“You can apply for the exams with the teacher for the day after tomorrow. The teacher will arrange the examination room for you. This matter has to be told to the director of the international school. Go to the office on the fourth floor, Director Huang Hua should be there.”




When Xu Xinduo was sorting out the competition list, Tong Yan entered the classroom. Seeing the class monitor leave, he asked, “What were you talking about with the monitor?”


“I have too low of a performance score, the teacher is worried that I will lower the average score of our class.”


“I will give you some of my points.”


“Forget it, god knows what will happen to your grades in the future (as she will not be able to take exams in his place). Maybe I will surpass you even if I have taken one less exam.”


“…” Tong Yan didn’t want to speak anymore. He sat down at his seat and reached out his hand to Xu Xinduo, asking her for his gift.


Xu Xinduo immediately understood. She took out a box from her bag, then opened it and took out a thick stack of papers from it: “These notes were prepared by me for you, they sum up all your previous wrong answers as well as your shortcomings. You should practise according to these notes step by step. You will be able to improve your academic performance by answering these questions.”


Tong Yan’s expression instantly collapsed almost at a speed visible to the naked eye: “Xu Xinduo, is this set of questions my birthday present?”


“Yes! Every question was carefully selected by me! I’ve compiled them for over a  month! I work on it every day until late at night.”


Tong Yan looked at Xu Xinduo’s serious expression, then looked at the stack of papers in the box, and suddenly felt extremely complicated. On one hand, he was slightly happy while on the other he was slightly disappointed.


Xu Xinduo was a little disappointed seeing Tong Yan’s complicated expression and immediately slapped his hands: “Of course, this isn’t your only gift.”


Tong Yan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled happily until… he saw Xu Xinduo take out a bunch of books which were tied together with a ribbon. “These are the essence of all of the class notes, I have summarized them for you. I’ve also drawn several illustrations for you!”


Looking at the stack of thick notes, Tong Yan felt another wave of complicated emotions.


Looking at his appearance, Xu Xinduo suddenly panicked and asked, “Don’t you like it?”


“It’s really more carefully chosen than a big cake.” Tong Youn extended his hands and accepted them. After that, he put away all of the papers and notes in the desk drawer, “I need oxygen…”


Tong Yan didn’t care about other people’s feelings all that much. If he didn’t like something, then he didn’t like it. After receiving Xu Xinduo’s gifts, he was really unhappy and it could be seen clearly on his face.


He began to ignore Xu Xinduo. It was rare to see Xu Xinduo stare at him.


Xu Xinduo also felt wronged. She had been preparing this birthday present for a long time. Why didn’t he like it?


Xu Xinduo was puzzled.


Had she spoiled Tong Yan too much, making him think that he could do whatever he liked?


When Xu Xinduo went to take an optional course, Tong Yan took out the notes and went through a few pages. He found that there were indeed illustrations on it. She also drew the image of a hedgehog as the mascot for the entire set of notes.


The hedgehog had  a tattoo on its neck. However, because the hedgehog was so small, it was inconvenient to write letters, so the tattoo was replaced with a wavy line.


(T/N: Tong Yan also had a tattoo on his neck.)


After Tong Yan read through the few pages, the corners of his mouth gradually curled upward and his anger gradually disappeared.


Xu Xinduo had really worked hard for him.


He decided to buy a cup of Oolong tea and make up with Xu Xinduo.

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