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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 85

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He bought the Oolong tea and went to the classroom for optional courses, but he didn’t find Xu Xinduo there. Then he walked over to the multimedia building and finally saw Xu Xinduo sitting in the tea art classroom.

It didn’t matter that Xu Xinduo was in the tea art classroom. However, Xu Xinduo was sitting in front of Shao Qinghe.

Tong Yan stood at the door and looked at them for a while. The other students in the classroom noticed him, but Xu Xinduo didn’t. She even poured Shao Qinghe a cup of tea.

This made Tong Yan angry. He rolled his eyes and threw the Oolong tea into the trash can.

What the hell!

‘I should not forgive you!’

Then he left in a huff.

Xu Xinduo on the other hand, just found out that boys don’t really like such gifts.

She also felt wronged. She didn’t have any good male friends for so many years. So she didn’t know what Tong Yan would like. She wanted to ask Wei Lan and Su Wei, but they were completely different from Tong Yan. The personalities of Wei Lan and Tong Yan were polar opposite.

One liked fancy clothes while the other didn’t want to wear anything other than black.

On top of that Tong Yan didn’t lack anything. He had everything and showed no particular preference for anything.

She thought that she should give Tong Yan something that he could not get easily, so she put in so much effort.

However, Tong Yan obviously didn’t like it.

She wanted to give a gift to Mu Qingyi today as well. If she gave something wrong again, she would feel bad.

In the entire Mu family, Xu Xinduo only had a good relationship with Mu Qingyi and felt that this elder brother gave her feelings of kinship. She was very concerned about this gift, so she planned to ask Mu Qingyi’s best friend.

She asked Lou Xu about which optional class Shao Qinghe took and came here.

Originally, tea art class was very unpopular, but because of Shao Qinghe’s arrival, the classroom was fully packed with students. Xu Xinduo was also noticed by Shao Qinghe and he took the initiative to lead her to a seat before sitting opposite her.

However, the other girls in the classroom seemed to hate her arrival and looked at her with unfriendly eyes.

Xu Xinduo actually didn’t want to attend the class. She would leave after asking some questions. After sitting down, she asked Shao Qinghe: “What birthday gift should I give Mu Qingyi?”

She didn’t want to ruin things again.

Shao Qinghe was quite surprised: “Have you not prepared one yet?”

“Actually, I just received a gift from him so I thought that I should also give him a gift.”

“Uh…” Shao Qinghe scratched his chin and seemed to be a little bit distressed, “Actually, I am also worried about this matter. Although we have known each other for a long time, I still worry about this every time.”

“Then what did you give him before?”

Shao Qinghe tried hard to recall and said, “Is it careless of me to give him glasses, ties, cufflinks, etc.?”

“It’s okay. Does he like them?”

“He hates all of the gifts.”


“Although he dislikes them, he still keeps them all.”

Shao Qinghe wasn’t helpful at all and Xu Xinduo felt distressed. Suddenly, she looked at the tea set in front of her and asked, “Is the tea art exam easy?”

“I think it’s very simple. Moreover, it’s quite cozy here. It’s one of the most relaxing subjects.”

“My performance scores for this academic year are not good. After all, I missed several exams. The monitor asked me to register for more classes, take more exams, and participate in more competitions.”

“How about you try tea art?”

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