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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 86

Edited By Adrian

Xu Xinduo did not refuse. She raised her hand and poured a cup of tea for Shao Qinghe. She handed it to him and asked, “Was my pouring stable? Did any of the tea drop?”


Shao Qinghe looked at the teacup in front of him for a long time before raising his head and asking her, “You filled the cup completely?”


“Shouldn’t I? The cup is so small that you can’t even take a few sips unless you fill it completely.”


“Have you ever heard of the saying that filling a cup with tea is deception while pouring a glass full of wine is a compliment?”


Xu Xinduo really didn’t understand tea art.


She didn’t drink much tea when she was living in the countryside. Grandma Xu always boiled brown sugar and jujubes for her to drink.


When she entered Tong Yan’s body, his family didn’t pay much attention to tea as they preferred coffee. Tong Yan was not a tea drinker either, so he didn’t study tea at all.


Xu Xinduo could only sigh, “Does it really make a difference?”


While Xu Xinduo was looking at the teacup and sighing, Shao Qinghe noticed the back of Tong Yan leaving from the door, but he did not inform Xu Xinduo about it. He just continued to smile and said, “No problem, I can teach you.”


“Forget it, I’ll start with what I’m good at. I’ll deal with these additional subjects later.”


“What are you good at?”


“Mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, skateboarding, motorcycles…” Just as Xu Xinduo continued to list her hobbies, Shao Qinghe’s expression gradually became more and more unnatural.


Xu Xinduo noticed the change in Shao Qinghe’s expression. After thinking about it, she said, “I can also play the piano and write a bit of calligraphy.”


“Were there so many courses in your hometown?”


“Oh.” After thinking about it, Xu Xinduo lied casually, “My classmates taught me calligraphy and piano. We also had music classes.”


Shao Qinghe smiled and said kindly: “I believe it if you say so.”


Xu Xinduo felt that their conversation was going a little off topic, so she asked: “Can I give him a scarf?”


“Every time he celebrates his birthday, he receives all kinds of gifts. Even scarves of all sorts of styles and colors.”


“Ah?” Xu Xinduo collapsed her head into her arms in frustration.


“Yes, one of the more interesting things is that some girls will even buy couples jewelry , where they will give one piece to Mu Qingyi while keeping the other piece for themselves. Knowing all of this, Mu Qingyi usually doesn’t wear this kind of stuff.”


“How about I don’t give him jewelry but something simple?” Xu Xinduo asked again.


“Don’t worry too much about it. Even if you give Mu Qingyi a hanger, he would stop wearing his school uniform just to use it.”


“OK, thank you. I’ll think about it carefully and go to the mall after school.”


Xu Xinduo was about to get up and leave the classroom when she finished speaking, but the teacher just walked in. She was a graceful woman in her thirties. She was dressed in Hanfu and looked quiet and elegant.


When she saw Xu Xinduo, she asked, “Do we have a new classmate today?”


Shao Qinghe helped Xu Xinduo answer: “She has come here today to check how this class is.”


“Our class is the best way to hone one’s character. You can relax your body and mind here. We try to cultivate our bodies and drink tea. If you have decided to take this class, sit down. Let’s start the class.”


Xu Xinduo was about to leave but then she thought that it would be disrespectful to the teacher and decided to remain in today’s lesson.


After she sat down, she asked Shao Qinghe in a low voice, “Is your class about pouring tea over and over again?”


“No, it also involves tasting tea. Students will taste different varieties of tea and try finding out their unique taste. Teacher will also give us information about the teas and tell us how to distinguish between different types of teas based on their appearance.”


Xu Xinduo could only listen to this lesson seriously.

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