The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 87

Edited By Adrian

During the class, Shao Qinghe was smiling the whole time and gave her pointers from time to time. It seemed like his tea skills were not much worse than that of the teacher’s.


What Lou Xu said was really true. Shao Qinghe would give off the feeling of a gentleman. He looked very gentle when he smiled at everyone. No one would be about to find any faults with him.


After finishing the tea making class, Xu Xinduo went to another optional class. When she entered the classroom, she saw that Tong Yan was there along with Wei Lan and Su Wei.


It was amazing to see that the Jujutsu class was packed with girls. Of course, most of them were here for Tong Yan and Wei Lan.


She came here for her performance score. She decided she would work on the activities  she was good at first, so that she could improve her score.


However, because this was her first time in the class, the teacher was afraid that she would have problems, so she was asked to practice basics next to the teacher throughout the first class and watch the others practise.


Xu Xinduo didn’t say anything and did what the teacher asked. When she occasionally glanced at Tong Yan, she noticed that Tong Yan seemed angry.


Do you really hate my gift that much? Why are you acting like this?


She decided to ignore Tong Yan.


Things continued like this until the end of class. After the class was over, the other students left the classroom, while Xu Xinduo was packing up her school bag. When she was about to leave, she was grabbed by Tong Yan and asked, “Want to fight?”


Xu Xinduo looked at the boy’s provocation. She was not afraid at all, instead somewhat excited. She nodded and said, “Okay!”


It seemed like someone wanted to watch, Tong Yan glanced over him, making the other party run away.


Wei Lan wanted to stay there, but he was kicked out by Tong Yan.


Xu Xinduo had done bridge movement for a long time so she was feeling somewhat tired. She exhaled a little and followed Tong Yan onto the mat.


(T/L: You can read about the bridge movement Here.)


There was no set area for competitions in the classroom, but there were mats. When the two people stood face to face, Tong Yan said: “I can go easy on you.”


“No need!” Xu Xinduo also was very angry!


Saying something like he would let her off easy.


He just wanted to hold Xu Xinduo and settle accounts with her. However, Xu Xinduo didn’t act like a girl. He couldn’t get any advantage over her at all. He was also in great pain right now.


The two of them finally came to a standstill in a strange posture.


Xu Xinduo laid on the mat, while grabbing Tong Yan. One of her hands held on to one his hand while her legs were coiled around his waist.


Tong Yan could only stay still as he couldn’t move at all.


Two of them were like crabs that were restraining each other. No one could break free or loosened their grip. They were in a deadlock.


Xu Xinduo scolded him first: “I don’t understand why you are so angry at me. How long do you plan to be angry with me?”


“You think it’s due to the gift?”


“Yeah, why would you be!”


“What were you doing with Shao Qinghe earlier?”


“I asked him what kind of gift he was planning on giving Mu Qingyi and what Mu Qingyi likes. However, the teacher came in when I was about to leave the classroom so I had to listen to a lesson. What’s wrong with that?”




Tong Yan felt really embarrassed.

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