The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 88

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan was completely embarrassed.


But not long after, did Tong Yan’s embarrassment turned into rage and he called Xu Xinduo by her nickname: “Xu Yanghua, you’re so fickle!”


(T/L: ‘Yang’ means sun while ‘Hua’ means flower. This is used for males.)


In Xu Xinduo’s name, the word ‘Xin’ represented the morning sunshine while ‘duo’ was associated with flowers.


Tong Yan had been very despicable when he was a child and nicknamed Xu Xinduo as Xu Yanghua. He very rarely called her that since he got older, but he mentioned it again.


Unexpectedly, Xu Xinduo instantly broke away from the deadlock at that moment and suddenly grabbed Tong Yan’s neck with her hand: “What did you just call me?!”


“……” Tong Yan immediately went silent.


If he said the wrong thing, he was likely to be strangled to death by Xu Xinduo.


He could only look at Xu Xinduo. He didn’t know when Xu Xinduo’s Taekwondo belt loosened, but her training uniform was wide open, revealing a small tank top inside. Her distinct collarbone, cleavage and the soft skin were visible.


Xu Xinduo’s body was very familiar to Tong Yan but he couldn’t understand why was he feeling a little uncomfortable seeing it now?


Xu Xinduo loosened her legs and let Tong Yan get up, but she never let go of his neck.


She kept hold of Tong Yan’s neck with one hand, while she got up and then roared: “Tong Yan, if you call me that one more time, I’ll kill you!”


“Aunty Xu.” Even a hero feared to provoke Yama (God of death).


Xu Xinduo finally let go of Tong Yan and was prepared to storm out of the room in anger, but was suddenly grabbed by Tong Yan.


She didn’t turn around. Tong Yan stretched out his hand from behind her. It seemed that he was going to grab her waist, but actually he helped her fit the Taekwondo belt.


Tong Yan’s action of tying the Taekwondo belt was overly slow, as he was not used to doing it for others. Relying on his height, he pulled Xu Xinduo into his arms and looked down at her.


Xu Xinduo’s height was 175 cm, while Tong Yan was a bit taller than her with a height of 188 cm.


Xu Xinduo felt a little uncomfortable leaning against Tong Yan’s arms. She didn’t feel anything during the fight just now. However, when she stood still, she suddenly smelled the fragrance of Tong Yan’s body.


Tong Yan never used perfume on his body, but the servants would put incense in his wardrobe all the year round. The fragrance was long-lasting and not overly too strong. It was faint, but pleasant to smell.


Tong Yan’s body carried this smell all the time.


After she calmed down, she asked in a soft voice, “What do you mean by I’m fickle?”


Tong Yan replied confidently: “Didn’t the two of us have an agreement? We can’t fall in love! Why are you fooling around? If I’m in your body and a man is next to ‘me’, pulling ‘my’ hands and kissing ‘me’, I can beat him to death.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about. I just thought that he and Mu Qingyi are very familiar with each other. I just didn’t want my gift to be disliked by Mu Qingyi.”


Hearing this, Tong Yan felt bad.


If it were not for Tong Yan’s obvious dislike of the gifts she gave, she would not have been so flustered and would not have thought of asking Shao Qinghe for help.


Tong Yan finished fastening herbelt, then released her, and walked out of the classroom with her. As they walked, he said, “I sent something to your house.”


“What did you send?”


“A dress… that matches the watch.”


“A dress…?”


“I want you to wear it with that watch! I’ll meet you tonight, wait for me.”

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