The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 89

Edited By Adrian

When Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo were walking out of the classroom, they noticed that Wei Lan and Su Wei were waiting for them. The guys headed to the men’s locker room while Xu Xinduo went to the women’s.


After entering the locker room, Wei Lan sighed deeply and said: “Brother Yan, if you really like her, I will give up.”


Wei Lan was still trying to chase Xu Xinduo to a certain sense. Seeing his brother and Xu Xinduo alone in the same room, caused his imagination to run wild and he finally decided to give in.


When Tong Yan was changing his clothes, he replied: “It’s not that I like her. I just don’t think you can woo her.”


“Oh, all right, I gave up. I quit. I’ve just been passive for a while now anyways.”


Tong Yan looked back at Wei Lan and felt that Wei Lan would definitely try and play a lot of tricks on them, but he didn’t know what Wei Lan was planning so he didn’t say anything.


After school, Xu Xinduo asked Deyu to drive her to the mall. Before arriving, she inquired about a shop and went straight to the place.


It was a regular shop that specialized in the “Four Treasures of the Study”.


(T/N: You can read about “Four Treasures of the Study”, which means Brush, Ink, Paper, Inkstone. They are made using traditional Chinese methods. You can read more about it Here.)


Xu Xinduo strolled around the shop for a while and noticed that it was possible for her to write a message on a fan. She fetched a brush, as well as some ink and an inkstone. After that, she wrote a poem on the fan with the brush:


In the corner of the walls grow several plum trees;

They stand alone against the cold wind blowing their white blossoms.

The aloof one knows that they aren’t snow,

As the soft faint fragrance flows through the air.


From “Plum Blossom”.


She really couldn’t think of anything to write. So in the end, she just wrote a poem, which was roughly in line with Mu Qingyi’s mindset.


When Xu Xinduo was writing the poem, the shopkeeper came over and watched from the sideline, after a while he exclaimed: “Little girl, your handwriting is really good. Have you practiced for a long time?”


Xu Xinduo did not deny: “Well, I started learning at the age of seven.”


“You do have skills.”


After that, Xu Xinduo chose a set of the four treasures of the study as a gift.


Xu Xinduo was really at her wits ends as she was really not good at giving gifts.


When Xu Xinduo first arrived at the Mu family villa, they gave her a living expenses card. Xu Xinduo once went to the bank to check how much was on it but she didn’t withdraw much. There was 200,000 RMB on the card.


Father Mu said that the family would give Xu Xinduo a monthly living allowance, the same amount as the other children would receive.


After paying for the gift, Xu Xinduo saw that her card had extra 50,000 RMB on it. It seemed to be the case that the Mu family would give their children 50,000 RMB per month as living expenses.


To be honest, for a wealthy family like the Mu family, the monthly living expenses of 50,000 RMB for the children was a bit on the low side.

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