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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 9

T/L: Fleeting Cloud   E/D: Sasha & Larkspur

Xu Xinduo stood up and looked at the teacher.


Shen Zhuhang knew Xu Xinduo studied in village school so he thought that she didn’t know English much. So he reminded the teacher with “good intentions”. 
“Teacher, please speak slowly. The new student may not understand.”


The whole course of the international class was in English. Shen Zhuhang also spoke to the teacher in English.


The teacher nodded and asked slowly.


Xu Xinduo had been exchanging bodies with Tong Yan since their childhood. She often came here for classes. She had been used to the teaching being done in English for a long time. Naturally, she was not unaccustomed to it.


She calmly replied that she had good oral English. The teacher could tell that she had a good foundation in English and even had no trace of ‘Chinese’ accent. She was fluent as if she had lived abroad for many years.


Jiahua International School had started bilingual teaching since kindergarten and had been cultivating a language environment since their student’s childhood.


The international class began to enroll students from kindergarten and the class continued onto high school. After that, some students would be sent to cooperative foreign universities. Like International Class Four, basically all of them were taught by foreign teachers. Most of the students in the class started to attend the international class from kindergarten so needless to say, that their oral English was good.


After waiting for Xu Xinduo to answer the question, Wei Lan turned back and whispered, “Add WeChat baby.”


“Oh, okay.” Xu Xinduo scanned Wei Lan’s code after logging in to WeChat.


After adding her on WeChat, Wei Lan immediately sent a message.


Wei Lan: [Picture]


She opened the picture and saw the note: Baby kiss.


The corner of her mouth curled upward. She knew that Wei Lan’s exes were not less than two-digits. This was the estimate she came up with. She really didn’t want to be stared at by Wei Lan but it was hard to refute staring at her brother’s face.


‘It is too hard…’
On the way back home, Xu Xinduo was ignored by Mu Qingyao all the way. When they returned home, Mu Qingyao immediately wept and ran to complain in front of their parents.


“Dad, I have never suffered this kind of grievance. I’m feeling so bad!” Mu Qingyao threw herself into Father Mu’s arms, crying loudly.


Father Mu was startled and asked, “What’s the matter?”


“I kindly brought Xu Xinduo to tour the school but she framed me. She smashed the school piano and told the teacher that I did it. The teacher only saw that I was covering the piano so he thought I did it. He scolded me for a long time. Why is she so bad?! How can she frame others like this? “


Xu Xinduo listened to these words and thought that Tong Yan might have become angry again. She felt helpless in her heart. She’d often experienced such things. It was Tong Yan who caused trouble. However, she was the one who got scolded every time. It was really a helpless experience to get scolded.


Xu Xinduo wanted to send a message to Tong Yan, asking what was going on.


As soon as she took out her mobile phone, she heard Father Mu asking, “Xinduo, what is going on?”


“Maybe it’s a misunderstanding…”


Mu Qingyao immediately retorted loudly, “She is still lying! She is just a liar! She hasn’t said a single word of truth. She’s so annoying!”


When Father Mu saw that Mu Qingyao was so angry, he could only comfort her. “Yaoyao, don’t be angry. She just came to our house and many of her habits haven’t changed. Her early ineducation causing her to have a lack of character and accomplishment is a bit tricky indeed. But since we owe her, we have to be patient. You are the elder sister so forgive her.”


Before Xu Xinduo was brought back, Father Mu once went to inquire about Xu Xinduo’s deeds. It was said that Xu Xinduo often caused trouble. Her temper was very strange. Most of the time she acted normally but sometimes she did some inexplicable things.


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