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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 90

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For a wealthy family like the Mu family, a monthly allowance of 50,000 RMB for their children was a bit low.


However, it was quite a large sum for Xu Xinduo, who used to live in poverty.


However, 50,000 RMB was a small amount for someone like Tong Yan, who spent that kind of money casually.  Even for his family, it was a trivial matter to buy a house or a motorcycle.


Tong Yan’s minimum monthly allowance was 500,000 RMB. The reason why his monthly allowance was only that much was because of the fact that Tong Yan would get into fights often. His family was so angry that they decided to punish him severely by reducing his allowance. They only gave him 500,000 RMB per month, saying that it depended on him how he lived!


There was a strong contrast between the two families.


The four treasures of the study plus the handmade fan that Xu Xinduo bought for Mu Qingyi costed her more than 90,000 RMB. Xu Xinduo also bought a lot of daily necessities, so the money left on the card suddenly pulmated.


The fan she brought was custom-made as she wanted to gift it so all the material used for it had been carefully chosen by her. So naturally the price was a little higher.


After buying all of these gifts, Xu Xinduo sat in the car and wanted to set up the SMS reminder for the card. However, she had to use her ID card at the counter to handle it. In the end, Xu Xinduo gave up.She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes for a short while. 


When she got back home, there were not too many people around. The birthday party was going to take place at  the local banquet hall. The Mu family had booked the venue a long time ago. Most of the people in the family were helping out at the venue.


When Xu Xinduo returned to her room, she saw a huge box laying on the bed. When she opened it, she saw the dress that Tong Yan bought for her.


The dress felt really heavy when she picked it  up. She took it to the mirror and checked if it would fit her. She couldn’t help but laugh as she put on the dress.


In order to match the night sky watch, Tong Yan prepared a dress that was azure blue with sparkling diamonds inlaid on it, which would shine when she moved around.


The dress had  a tube top design, and  it was made out of transparent material with shoulder straps. The back was covered in embroidery that was a complicated pattern of flowers and vines. It looked like a tattoo on her back.


This dress was obviously carefully chosen by Tong Yan. It showed off all of Xu Xinduo features, such as her long neck, beautiful collarbone and right-angled shoulders.


The dress had an A-shape designed that highlighted her legs.


She didn’t think she would needed any jewelry.


This dress would shine enough on its own.


Just as she finished putting on her dress, someone knocked at her door and came in to help her put on her make-up. She sat down and asked the stylist, “Have all of them yet already?”


“No, my colleague is doing makeup for your sister in the other room. Only your brother has left as he doesn’t need any makeup at all.”




“You are very similar to your brother, you don’t need much makeup. I will only put on a little bit of eyeshadow and lipstick for you. Can I put your hair up?”




Xu Xinduo was a little late getting ready because of choosing the gift. So after finishing her make-up, she found out that Mu Qingyao had already gone to the venue.


She couldn’t find the right jacket to match the dress, so she just casually wore a jacket. She got into Deyu’s car with the gifts for Mu Qingyi in her hands.

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